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Social history[edit]

From a local who was brought up at Goldcraigs before the council depot destroyed it.

My memories are quite vivid yet but some names elude me now, I know that the Shedens grandfather lived up past the Livingstones, and that the houses were vacated intermittently over a few years and the Lylestone row houses, did not all go to the folk who moved out of the old house on the row, I do not recognise the Crawford name at all. The Livingstons were last to move from the row as they were there when I worked at Laigh Gooseloan prior to me leaving the school in 1961, The Lylestone row must have been built during the early fifties when I started at the Lylestone school, for I remember Maureen Gilmour who was the only person from the country who was my own age and went through the school with me all the other kids were either older or younger than me. Davie Gilmour was a farm tractor man who worked for Curry at a farm further up the Barrmill road, and I think both Jacky and George Nevile were other families on the row, and I think the Gault family moved in a bit later on, There was a house round the corner but have no idea who was in the other block. The Lylestone farm was in a bit of disrepair and was run by an older lady who's name I cannot recall.

The other family that I know were the Brands who lived in the old houses accross the road as Mrs Brand worked for Bert McGowan at High Gooseloan who raised battery hens, and Alfie Brand who was a plumber and worked with John Littlejohn up the dalry road.The other family I remember were the Barrs who lived in the wee cottage on the top of the hill just past the row on the Auchentiber road, Mrs Barr was the dinner lady at the school and Mr Barrr drove the dinner motor for the council, as you probably know Uncle Frank and John worked at the sand quarry with the John and David Anderson families who lived at Golconda House same time as I worked on the farm, I remember the Muir family moving in when the Andersons mover out. the other family who lived there was the Loves, Jane Love was married to Bingham the plumber who's business was at the first house going up to the Green past the Orange hall, another person I remember working at the quarry was wee Jimmy Martins brother George who used to help out at harvest time at Gooseloan, along with the Gaults father and son. I don't know if you remember that Jackie Caldwell at Monkredding Farm went from keeping store cattle to mink farming when I was working on the farm and his wife started the kennel business breeding collies. That's as far as my memories of the country goes as I left the farm and started my sojourns through life I did on odd occasions help out on the farm but did not keep up with the changes since then.

Rosser Gruffydd 07:39, 6 August 2012 (UTC)