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Macromerine is not illegal in any known part of the world, but possession and sales of macromerine could be prosecuted under the Federal Analog Act in the USA because of its structural similarities to mescaline which would also place noradrenaline in the same catagory as it is also structurally similar. Humans are also scheduled substances (serotonin is a precursor of psilocin and bufotenine and is a natural human neurotransmitter, dopamine is the precursor of mescaline, and melatonin is structurally similar to 5-MEO-DMT which is similar to the scheduled substance in the religious sacrament of ayahuasca therefore foods, religious sacraments and human brains could be considered scheduled substances under this misclassification based royal fuckup.) so that the government can own your butthole, Im done getting fucked I called india and japan and they sent me a package called fuck your country with private corporations. Furthermore these agents may cause the progression of the evolutionary neural cognitive capacities of those cultures with ancient use will use superior mental abilities against the american public to further fuck us over. SO here goes: you are getting fucked by your government, corporations and foriegn nationals so congratulations nixon threw your country off a cliff. TAKE ME TO COURT SO I CAN SPIT ON THE JUDGE AND GET HIS NAME SO I CAN @!$% HIS DAUGHTER, THEN PROSECUTE SO I CAN SPREAD MY CULT IN THE PRISON SYSTEM. you honkeys. Prohibition of human consciousness obviously doesn't work or we would be well on our way past this barbarian savagery you call a society (government = game/comedy, people on zombieclon and fuckobarbatol but consciousness EVOLUTION is illegal). FUCK YOUR ESTABLISHMENT DO IT FOR ME.

Due to the ambiguity of the analog act everything can be prosecuted as a scheduled substance. Serotonin is a natural endogenous neurochemical and it is the first immediate precursor to bufotenin which is a scheduled substance, therefore the purchase of avacodos, bananas and walnuts for the purpose of the nutritional value includes serotonin in these particular plants can be prosecuted under the analog act. Everything is illegal under the analog act therefore it would be difficult to prosecute because the judge the jury and the cops are all running on 'drugs' according to the medical professions perverted fucked up witchdoctor logic. Congrats your all fucked. get that package from india and japan... Acacias contain DMT and is the name of a powerful secret organization of men which emerged from freemasonry. Think quick.

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