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Vandal Deletion of cited content by user Special:Contributions/Ata_Fida_Aziz [edit]

Hi User:Ata_Fida_Aziz
Please do not delete cited content from articles as you have done with this edit of yourson 3rd August . viz [[1]]

Deleted content reproduced here
"Recording about the Torwals , a non Pathan tribe which with the Garhwis , occupied both lower and upper Swat prior to the invasion of Swat by the Yusufzai Pathans in the sixteenth century AD.


I also hope you are not the same as anonymous user Special:Contributions/ Cheers
Intothefire (talk) 05:47, 3 August 2008 (UTC)


  1. ^ Denzil Ibbetson, Edward MacLagan, H.A. Rose "A Glossary of The Tribes & Casts of The Punjab & North-West Frontier Province", 1911 AD, Page 472, Vol II1,