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Republican rule?[edit]

Is there any reference that the Democrats have used this as a rule when they were in the majority? Uberhill 02:01, 13 December 2012 (UTC)

When Pelosi was Speaker the House occasionally passed bills with significantly more support from the minority than from the majority, such as funding for the U.S. occupation of Iraq. In the 90s, the NAFTA free trade pact passed with 102 Democrats voting for and 156 Dems voting against.--Brian Dell (talk) 07:51, 3 January 2013 (UTC)

Name of article[edit]

The article was moved from "Majority of the majority" to "Hastert Rule" without meaningful discussion. I'm not 100% opposed to this change but I do think it merits a short discussion. "Hastert Rule" certainly sounds snappier but one issue is that, as described in the article, while the rule has been ascribed to Hastert it started before him and continued after him, making it somewhat misleading. Also, a Google web search for "majority of the majority" turns up 966,000,000 hits while "Hastert rule" turns up 86,700 hits. That may be affected by Wikipedia, however, as well as the fact that "majority of the majority" might be used to refer to other things. A Google news search turns up "majority of the majority" 2,150 times and "Hastert rule" 2,320 times, roughly indicating a near-even split in reliable sources. --Nstrauss (talk) 18:10, 24 June 2013 (UTC)

  • I am actually fine either way. I noticed a largly blank talk page, so I didn't think there was much interest in the article. I think "Hastert Rule" is better, but I would be fine if either. As far as my logic, if we go to what it is currently being called (the news search), you are right that the hits are almost even. However, if one looks at the title fo these stories, the "Hastert Rule" place an upfront role. All these titles (or nearly all) mention the "hastert Rule", even if majority of the majority is mentioned also in the title. This is the title the media will often use. Therefore, I think the "Hastert Rule" is more helpful to the reader in finding what it is. Casprings (talk) 19:27, 24 June 2013 (UTC)

Ok, looking at the NY Times and the WaPo, the two most reliable sources on this in my opinion, they seem to lean toward "Hastert Rule" or "Hastert rule." (Times has lowercase r, Post has uppercase R.) So I'm fine with this. --Nstrauss (talk) 19:50, 24 June 2013 (UTC)