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Ard-Mhéara translation...[edit]

Where was the translation for Ard-Mhéara obtained? Without any references to this I don't think we should translate it as such. The term "Ard-" in Irish (when used in this context) does not mean "High" as is commonly believed. In fact, this stems from an incorrect translation of the term "Ard-Rí" which today is translated as "High King". This term is actually better translated as "Supreme King", "Prime King", "Arch King", "Ultimate King", etc. "High King" is, however, commonly accepted as the preferred translation of "Ard-Rí". But that does not mean we should translate every Irish language phrase with "Ard-xxx" in it as "High xxx". These are obviously only my personal observations, and of course if there is a reference to the translation above then by all means include it. Remember, coming up with a translation by ourselves counts as Original research if there are no references provided. --MacTire02 (talk) 20:06, 9 February 2010 (UTC)