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this page combines the process of segmentation with the definition of market segment. should we lift content and split it into market segment and market segmentation? Jorgerestrepo (talk) 01:15, 17 July 2008 (UTC)Jorge Restrepo

The external links on this page link to commercial services and have misleading descriptions. As a newbie to wikipedia editing, I'm not sure what to do about this.

—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:58, 26 November 2007 (UTC)

i agree this is very vague and not very usefull. i was forces to use an alternative website.

Sorry guys, but this is a very vague definition of market segmentation. I wish I had the time to edit it, but maybe at least the distinction between general/product-specific and observable/non-observable segmentation bases could be included?

-- from

The above comment is not mine, but I agree - this is a core marketing concept, and the article does need some work.

I am happy to have a go at this, as time permits. I am fairly familiar with the subject, but new to editing Wikipedia. So first of all, here are some thoughts for general discussion, before I make a start. Please help!

The title is "market segment" but the article is about "market segmentation". The page for "Market segmentation" redirects to here. To avoid over-complicating things, I suggest the article should cover both market segmentation and market segments, but make the distinction explicit.


The preamble needs to contain a short definition of both segmentation and segment. It is probably more understandable to begin by definining segmentation. I suggest quoting (and referencing) the introductionory sentence in the AMA definition as the starting point: "The process of subdividing a market into distinct subsets of customers that behave in the same way or have similar needs". Then to derive the definition of a segment from this. The supporting idea that seem to be most important in the preamble is that different marketing strategies can be developed to suit the preferences of different segments.

It is important to associate segmentation with targeting (as the preamble does at present). However, this idea leads to at least two wider discussions. (a) how segmentation fits into the overall process of marketing planning process; and (b) the benefits that are expected from segmentation. To include all that would make the preamble too long, so I suggest should move from the preamble to the body.


I suggest the following sequence of subsections...

The benefits of segmentation: Start with a subsection on the rationale or promised benefits of segmentation, covering market understanding, customer alignment, allocation of resources, and sizing / forecasting uncertainty.

Bases for segmentation: The existing material is fine as far as it goes, but it would be useful to distinguish between different practices in consumer markets, and in industrial markets. Perhaps it is also worth including special considerations for international markets. A few examples of segments and approaches would probably aid understanding, and should include extreme cases. The trend towards smaller segments needs to be covered - with Mass customisation covered as an enabler, not the intent.

Effective segmentation: This is the place to cover evaluation (i.e. the current requirements for successful segmentation). The first part of the current subsection covers the basics in a conventional way, but could usefully be expanded to make the article more self-contained. I am not sure that the "SADAM" acronym adds anything, or that it is widely recognised. However, I am happy to be corrected.

The segmentation process: I would like to see the subsection on top-down and bottom up developed into a very brief discussion of the process of segmentation, including examples of analytical tools. Only cluster analysis is mentioned so far. Limited coverage of some standard models migh also be of interest - SIC, VALS, etc. There should surely be a subsection covering how segmentation fits into the wider planning process, and particularly discussion of the link between segmentation, targeting and positioning.

History and developments: Maybe there should be a discussion of how the concept has evolved. i.e. segmentation was originally contrasted with product differentiation as a marketing philosophy (in the orginal 1956 Wendell Smith article); but has come to be seen as a prerequisite for development of the marketing mix (including product differentiation - i.e. Kotler). Also some critiques, and noting that segments are tending to become smaller.

It may be worth linking to the article on price discrimination, but does it really warrant special consideration here?

--from User:Plutonian

How/where would all the mentioned variables used for segmentation be gathered? SHIRUY IS THE GREATEST ECONOMIST OF ALL TIME AS REGARDED BY "THE ECONOMIST"

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Good Afternoon,

I am looking for a section that will break down the focus best value strategy in relation to strategic business management. If there are any professionals out there that read this please make it possible to find with the search engine.

Ilove to read this page. it really helps to me especially I am a student in Marketing anf I find it hard for me to understand what is market segmentation.

check —Preceding unsigned comment added by Louis Reichman (talkcontribs) 21:21, 19 May 2008 (UTC)

Whoever wrote the Technology bit of Segmentation has got it wrong[edit]

For a start, it's fairly obviously the same content as the previous category - "Behaviour"... you could very well have a "Technology" segment, and if you were, you might want to get a relevant academic source! I checked the academic link provided and it has nothing to do with market segmentation; look:

Title: ARF Video Electronic Media Council.

Author: Kaplan, Barry

Source:Journal of Advertising Research; Apr/May88, Vol. 28 Issue 2, p38, 2p

Document Type: Article

Subject Terms:

  • ADVERTISING -- Management
  • TELEVISION advertising


Company/Entity: ADVERTISING Research Foundation


The Video Electronic Media Council of the Advertising Research Foundation was formed in 1984 with the objective
of investigating the complexities of the new electronic media environment and steering related research efforts in
a direction, which would be of maximum value to the industry. The council has been actively involved with the
Foundation's Media Communications Council in co-sponsoring the six annual electronic media and research
technologies key issues workshops held to date, and will continue this involvement with the program for the
seventh workshop of the series, scheduled for December 1988. With the advent of the people meter in 1987, the
Video Electronic Media Council became very active. The council concentrated primarily on two key areas affecting
the selling and buying of advertising time via the television medium. The first is the introduction of people
meters as the primary means of measuring national television audiences; and second is the effect of Video
Cassettes Recorders on television ratings. The article also presents a list of members of the Council.

ISSN: 0021-8499

Accession Number: 6560914's 1 page long! Bugger all content really; and 20 years old. It doesn't support the content (even if the content was correctly entered, and not just a rewrite of the section above it!).

Is it really so hard to search for something remotely related? Maybe something along these lines:

(5 seconds of my life I'll never get back)

This is the key problem of Crappypaedia, it's edited by people who are invariably clueless, and don't even bother to check anything - "oh i'll just post an academic paper on it to back up my preformed assumption just 'cos the title sounds about right!" tsk.... [rolls eyes]


Other ways of segmenting the market[edit]

It seems like the article is mainly interested in talking about using price as the standard to segment the market. However, there are more ways to do that, such as geographic location, education etc. Allison J. Lee (talk) 04:02, 26 September 2011 (UTC)

The intro is too complicated[edit]

The first sentence is a negative 2 lines sentence. Shouldn't it be simplified, stating what is market segment instead of what it is now? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Hanochrahimi (talkcontribs) 06:39, 6 February 2012 (UTC)