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Coefficients of the C Glyph are 1 to 6 not 0 to 5[edit]

The current article says "The Maya counted the lunation in a cycle of six, numbered zero through 5." This isn't true. The count was from 1 to 6, not zero to 5, with no coefficient for the number 1. I am fixing it and citing Thompson:1971 page 240. This is the kind of wrong information that is constantly coming into this page. Grr (talk) 13:12, 11 June 2014 (UTC)

In my opinion the heading should still be what it was and then it should explain that it's written in glyphs C and X. Also check your talk page. I asked you some questions there years ago and you haven't responded. Senor Cuete (talk) 15:47, 11 June 2014 (UTC)
I'll change the headings. Added a comment on my page. Sorry, wasn't monitoring that. Am currently working on some stuff about the C and X glyphs, so was reviewing the various reference papers on it and found more wrong stuff on Wikipedia written by fringe people who post junk. If you want, I can throw some more references in there such as Teeple's 1930 article and Wyllys Andrew's 1934 article. Linden also has a 1986 paper on the X Glyph. BTW, the cite in my addition is "The Diety Head Variants of the C Glyph". That is not a typo; the misspelling of "Deity" is in the original article title. You can find that paper on Mesoweb at It's a pretty good paper, other than the misspelled word. Grr (talk) 18:34, 12 June 2014 (UTC)