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Request for addition[edit]

Hi. This is a new article and needs some one more familiar with the chemical structure of Methenolone Enanthate to upload the chemical breakdown of it. Please help me expand it if you can. Thank You, Cavell 19:58, 24 December 2005 (UTC)Cavell

citation removal[edit]

I have removed the "citation needed" for the statement about bodybuilders using it in between cycles to maintain gains. While I do not have any internet references, I know many bodybuilders who use Primoboaln in this way. I also have first-hand knowledge of this practice. I can - if needed, pull a couple qoutes form some webpage, but this is a common practice in the bodybuilding community. I hope this issue will be resolved to your satisfaction. If not, leave a msg, and we can talk further.19:44, 15 April 2006 (UTC)Cavell

  • Unfortunately having first hand knowledge is not enough for an encyclopedia (see No Original Research and Verifiability). If you can, find a reliable source (a news article or court report, for example), otherwise the comments will have to be modified or removed. --Spiggot 05:59, 16 April 2006 (UTC)
  • It's not just first hand knowlegde. I stated, "many bodybuilders use it this way". My statement is not false. Many bodybuilders who I know, and know of, use it this way. a "news report"? Are you kidding. You'd be pressed to find any info. on steroids in any mainstream media, let alone, they're recreational usage by pro lifters. I am trying to expand this article in any way I can and help educate someone who may not know anything about this, and you are restricting the amount of knowledge available for them. If you wanna be a wiki Nazi, then try and remove it. Since you have zero knowledge about this subject, does that not make you unqualified to comment?? You said comments have to be modified. You are wrong. What I have stated is the truth. If I had said "all bodybuilders" or "bodybuilders" in general, then maybe you could take issue. My statement is "many bodybuilders" and since I can verify this and you cannot, leave it alone will you?? Get a life outside wiki, buddy. You'll have more fun ;-)Cavell 17:05, 16 April 2006 (UTC)Cavell
    • Did you notice that I have not actually removed anything that you contributed? Now go and actually read the links I have provided, especially Verifiability. --Spiggot 09:14, 18 April 2006 (UTC)

Megadosage recommended not medically approved[edit]

The 600 mg. dosage is insane. The medical recommendation is 50 mg. every 3 weeks! (Primobolan Depot, 50 mg. per ampule).

First, Primobolan most commonly comes in 100mg per ampule dosages: Schering, Organon and even Upjohn. Second, Primobolan has a half life of 10.5 days, so injections every 10 days would be most reasonable - not every 3 weeks. Third, 50mgs per 3 weeks will do nothing but shut down your natural testosterone production while providing no medical benefit; human body produces about 4-7mgs of testosterone per day, so in a medical/HRT/TRT situation you would need at least 100mgs per week of testosterone cypionate (as usually prescribed) to initiate TRT. Primobolan being about 25x weaker then testosterone should clarify why 50mgs/E3wks is irrational and ludicrous. Lastly, most bodybuilders (the users of primobolan for the most part, 95%) will NOT see ANY results with less then 400mgs per week usage. Anything below 400mgs is a pure waste of money.Manofwar4662 11:00, 22 April 2007 (UTC)