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Islamic Republic account[edit]

Ayatollah Khomeini had ordered the embassy takeover to retaliate against the U.S. allowing Shah to enter the U.S. on 15 October 1979 for medical treatment.--Patchouli 15:15, 18 November 2006 (UTC)

I agree that Khomeini did not truly order the kidnapings and embassy takeover, but he did encourage the militants to do so. He made a sort of "implied" order that the embassy be taken over, or at least that something large be done against America to protest their allowance of the former Shah into the U.S. for cancer treatment. Ungoliantii 21:18, 18 November 2006 (UTC)
This is your own idea and against WP:OR. You can see the history of ths event in Ebtekar's book.[1]--Sa.vakilian 11:13, 11 February 2007 (UTC)