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Recent Edits this about 1993 - 1996 services[edit]

I have spoken with people, ie CA for the services!!! I have postage the interviews with them on TV forum here: so you can read them there; it now cleared up most of the missing details about this service!!

Also LWT 3 nights DID finished on 12th Feb 1995: Following weekend it was changed to neno dancers: 18th FEB

Yorkshire/TT service, listings were the same at least in Jan/Feb 1998!

Meridian and Carlton 1993 - 1995[edit]

It been noted all over the net that Both used the same idents, TV listing were the same, no difference, go look up the newspaper from 1993-95. this clip from Carlton area: CLEARLY shown the use of this branding... again that not good enough how? to be said oh that proves nothing is bonkers:

Half the stuff on this page has no prof, but its very clear its correct,

Im double checking with source close to the operations: to get the right information, Either way both took the same listing and used the same idents,.... that does not mean, both used the single CA!!! No idea where the service come from, it looks like there were two CA:

Proof that HTV took Meridian service:[edit]

Here is tv listings 17 1996

BOTH The same:

17th Feb 1996 all four have the same listings but ARE different to London service!

Meridian provide the service to Anglia, thus it must have been the Meridian feed that HTV and west got. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Crazyseiko (talkcontribs) 21:09, 28 August 2010 (UTC)

Missing information[edit]

There are some missing information,

  • When Did Granada service get axed in 1995? ( it been pin pointed down to between June - September)

  • info about the London feed from 1993/1994
  • info about UNM Companies over night service between 94 - 2000
  • ANY info about the HTV own overnight service from 1996 until 2000

HTV did take London service from April 1991 - end of 1992: Then took Granada service:

Use of non-free images on this article[edit]

This article has been identified as containing an excessive quantity of non-free content. Per the Foundation's requirement to keep non-free media use minimal, and per Wikipedia:Non-free content criteria #3, the non-free images on this article have been removed. Please note:

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IT have noticed that the use of non-free images arranged in a gallery or tabular format is usually unacceptable, but it does state its should be considered on a case-by-case basis. I wish to give an exceptions and well-justified.

In this case it must be noted how this page is about ITV Night time TELEVISION services. Its been noted that over the years trying to describe such service is not been easy but as soon as you use a pic, it makes it far easier for random person to read and identify the different ITV service. Thus only the pic its it fully clear what there were, we can talk to the cows come home and many people will still be cluesless!

YET you and one other person seem to mist the point these pics have been in use on here for over a year now, since ONLY I moved them from the different section of each service into the Box below which have caused you to start taking them off! comment added by Crazyseiko (talkcontribs) 05 July 2011

Ive gone ahead a completely removed all non-free files from this page, They fail, #3, and #8. They are decorative and not necessary. ΔT The only constant 17:48, 5 July 2011 (UTC)
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So be it then, I wish to make a Formal complaint. you can not justify high number of Admins looking at this, and passing this page as ok, then to turn around and say NO.

what if the Pic Have Difference licences>? IE NOT NON-FREE, and were cut down? would it then be possible to Keep some of them? I have point out that the only reason Non-free was used, best at the time, I was very unsure which ones to use, but I seems few of them can be classed as something else. AS I HAVE Said, some of the pic make it much easier for reader to fully understand which service there are reading about as most of the people can only remember the idents.

In my view it is appropriate to show some of the title cards to identify some of the more prominent of the strands being discussed here. I would suggest the 1987 Night Network title card, being the first branding attempted of this type; the 1988 Granada Night Time title card, being comparatively long-running and carried across a substantial part of the ITV network; and possibly the ITV night-time one.
As a rule, WP tends to use title-cards as most identificatory of a show, rather than pics of presenters in their sets, because the latter can seem very generic, and so not particularly identifying or distinctive. The article shouldn't be over-run with non-free content, but two or three or four carefully selected images to show the branding shouldn't be a problem.
You may have to write you own use-rationales, to clarify what they are being used for, and why you believe they pass NFCC #8, rather than rely on the standard logo template which is designed more for a single current logo for a company. Jheald (talk) 13:30, 8 July 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for your reply: I wish to suggest the following four can be kept:

  • 200px|thumb|Night Network titles Reason: It was the first service to be introduced, and come into effect on the same as 4 of the compaines went 24 hours. Still aspect is, unless the rest of the pics, this is actually of TV programme, which operate over a 3 hours periods,
  • 200px|thumb|Granada ident Reason: This was the first proper Networked ITV night time ident, and also provide the most famous and well remember services/brands which took place between 1988 - 1995.
  • 200px|thumb|1995 Break bumper Reason: This was part of the MAJOR overhaul to ITV night time services in 1995, which was tied in to 3 other overnight services being dropped, and a whole host of new programmes being created as well.
  • 200px|thumb|Holding caption This is to give people a idea of what appeared when there were alack of advertisement, its beneficial as it give reader a much clearer since.


  • 200px|thumb|1991 Ident This is the other famous and well remember brand which was only in use for 18months, but it did replace 5 other services.

Hopeful these 4/5 can be placed back in the page. I must point out the reason I included a clip form HTV Night club and TVS late night late, was to give the reader a easy understanding of what these overnight services were like.

Sure, but I'm not sure that those images really communicate much more than just "continuity presenter sat in front of a desk". (Even if the idea of an in-vision continuity announcer might be totally alien to many of our readers now). thank you for you help!
As for the images you suggest, I think the 1991 Ident and the Holding caption are sufficently similar to each other that there is very little additional value in showing both. But, at least to me, you do I think make an appropriate case for the use of the others. Jheald (talk) 14:09, 8 July 2011 (UTC)

I shall keep the holding card, it something a bit different. as you say In-Vision CA has long sailed to its death ( its been nearly 13 years since the last company Grampian got rid of the. ) I just thought it would make it more helpful move to make it understandable.

When did Nightscreen come in?[edit]

ITV Night screen, what most areas use now, has been around since 1998. but in what regions, and when? Any info on this? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Rafmarham (talkcontribs) 12:49, 10 July 2011 (UTC)

There is an actually wiki page about this service: ITV_Nightscreen it still needs work

Recent Changes.[edit]

A number of change were down to the page over the weekend, reason is no details have appeared and this should now bring this page up to date.

ITV Night Time Junction - 4th January 1995: Carlton and Central had same line and branding it seems, Meridian did not!

  • Meridian, Anglia and Channel all had the same line up from January 1995 With HTV and Westcountry joining in Jan 1996.
  • From January 1995, Granada, HTV, Central, Carlton, westcountry, LWT , Border and UTV all had the same line up but different branding in use.

Thus the page has been updated to reflect the new information found out.

Questions which remains.

  • Did Central take the London Branding from June 1994? If so what did it do at the weekends.
  • Did Anglia did the same branding as Meridian from January 1995
  • Exact Dates of certain idents

--Crazyseiko (talk) 18:37, 1 June 2013 (UTC)