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It is not possible to give the source of the data table, as asked for by user:Vsmith. Billions of dollars are involved and millions in "documenting" that black harbor sludge is non-toxic and can be pump-dredged / deposited / used as construction material. There are always "oceanographers" and even institutes who will construct evidence as needed for a few millions. Those who oppose are rare: One biologist got killed over this issue, another sued and blackmailed until ending up in a mental hospital. I would endanger my children if I would name the location. But I testify that the table is made with proper methods within an investigation I was part of (I am an oceanographer with a phD), and even without the city name it should serve in this article as a warning and documentation of the stupidity of modern men. Uwe Kils Heringmini.jpg 16:05, August 3, 2005 (UTC)

Why should an encyclopedia article on a general ecology topic include results from a specific study? Wachholder0 04:32, 13 November 2005 (UTC)