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6) Efficiency: The article states: “Plants convert light into chemical energy with a maximum photosynthetic efficiency of approximately 6%.[16]”

I think it would be much more accurate to reword the above to : Plants convert total incident light energy into fixed energy storing biomass at an efficiency of 6%

The rewording is necessary because if you take the portion of the light that is absorbed by the chlorophyll more than 95% is, in fact, converted to chemical energy.

So the actual conversion of light to chemical energy is remarkably efficient, its just that : light is
reflected off the leaves, much of the resultant chemical energy is used for respiration etc. , and so
never makes it to stored carbohydrates . 

Photosynthesis isn’t 6% efficient at turning light into chemical energy its almost 100% efficient.

Chem teacher (talk) 22:32, 19 January 2009 (UTC)