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Legal issues mount[edit]

The article does not address the important legal issues: is there a right to achieve disability or to remain disabled, despite cure available?

If person XY has lost a leg to a train wheel 5 years ago and now a new medication is suddenly discovered that grows back proper limbs without any side-effect, can XY refuse to receive govt-funded treatment and insist on living one-legged?

- The answer is probably no, at least in countries where conscription for military service exists (crippling oneself in order to avoid military service is usually punished by death) - but, if yes, can he demand social welfare support further on?

- Furthermore, does a person enjoy the right to compel medical doctors cut off his/her healthy legs, just because the person feels psycohologically inconvenienced by the sense of legs? (This is no bullshit, one such case was tried in Germany 3 years ago, but I cannot remember the result, if it was reported by the press at all. But the story said the person also wanted to receive a monthly disability aid from the municipal gov't after his legs are cut off...) (talk) 13:58, 20 December 2010 (UTC)

This article, when complete (it is far from complete at this moment), would in my FIRM opinion not at all be meant for such specific and also potentially highly subjective (read:POV) subject matter as User: suggests here. Regardless, WikiProject Disability members and other active contributors to disability articles on Wikipedia should definitely be fleshing out articles like this to be a lot more robust than a few measly lines. I refuse to believe that I'm always going to have to be the one to do such things myself. Come on, all-- get to work. Kikodawgzzz (talk) 18:09, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

Thank you es.wikipedia![edit]

As you may have noticed on the article, I have added a new section on the causes of physical disability. It's translated from the equivalent article on es.wikipedia, with help from both babelfish and google translate. That was the only section of the spanish article that I understood enough to translate, so if anyone knows more spanish than me, please go over to the other article and bring more content over here. Escapepea (talk) 20:00, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

Article needs expanding[edit]

As a member of Wikipedia: WikiProject Disability, I find it ironic that such a major topic could be a stub. This is an article in desperate need of expansion - it could clarify different types of physical disability (including seen versus invisible disabilitie) and say more about technology to help the disabled. It could also do with A LOT MORE wiki-links. ACEOREVIVED (talk) 19:47, 3 March 2011 (UTC)

This article is lame: it's more like a definition than an article; it smacks of insurance company categories. Is there another, comprehensive article somewhere else at Wikipedia? --Uncle Ed (talk) 18:19, 21 December 2011 (UTC)