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This page should be merged with Building Commissioning as the word Project is all inclusive, and a project may also be commissioning of ships, books, etc....

Please see my Discussion notes on Building Commissioning. A redirect to "New construction Building commissioning" was added on the Building Commissioning, which is also inacurate. My notes give the supporting facts. Please feel free to email me at I have over 20 years experience in Commissioning and Building Engineering/Construction, and I would like to help ensure the accuracy of all things related to Building commissioning here on WEKIPEDIA. You may also visit my website at

Sincerely, James Anderton, CPMP



In fact, Project Commissioning shall be the higher level page and Building commissioning a division of the latter. While Cx is a functionnal project's division as Design, Procurement, Construction and Quality Assurance are, the wiki integration should match the following workflow: Construction Project -> General Functionnal Divisions -> Distinct types of project -> Processes.

Following is not related with your comment, but I include it for discussion purpose:

I also like to point out that the Construction terminology may not be the best one as, for example, large IT integration will includes a Cx phase too. I believe that integration of IT infrastructures is in fact construction work, but this should be challenged. Althought Project alone is not suitable neither.

As well, I'll need to correct the definition of Commissioning actually in the wiki as it is in fact almost the definition of Quality Control and it is obviously inaccurate for commissioning. What is shown as the Cx processes shall be for QC. Finally, Cx is not a discipline at all, it is a functionnal department of a project with a specific set of procedures that involves knowledge of all disciplines. The stated objectives seem good thought.

I must add that confusion between commissioning and Quality is control is a very common mistake. However, it is not commissioning responsibility nor duty at all to do the work required to ensure the compliance of the material and installation. Maybe pre-commissioning can be done to ensure sensitive elements are double-checked, but Cx is to safely start the installations and bring them to spec as efficiently as possible.

Last word; I did managed the developpment and integration of Commissioning Management Software in the past. Most systems listed in the link to "Commissioning management systems" are Project control softwares or QC management software and have few or nothing to do with Commissioning Management.

I'm an Engineer having 15 years of experience in the Quality Control and Commissioning management felds on major Petrochemical, Energy and Mines & Metallurgy projects

Stephan — Preceding unsigned comment added by Thers synq (talkcontribs) 20:08, 13 January 2012 (UTC)