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Should a mention of quality audit certifications appear here? --Darrylv 19:55, 21 December 2005 (UTC)

Be bold and add it! If enough material appears, we can always refactor it out into a separate article on "audit certifications". Samw 04:46, 24 December 2005 (UTC)

Some Possible Sources[edit]

Here are some possible sources for people who would like to learn more about quality auditing.

Dennis R. Arter, Quality Audits for Improved Perfomance, Third Edition, ASQ Press 2003, Milwaukee, WI

J. P. Russell, The Quality Audit Handbook, ASQ Press 2000, Milwaukee, WI

There is also a pretty good one-page article in May 2006 "Quality Progress" magazine, entitled "Best Practices in Auditing" by Anil Gupta, on page 88. It lays out in an overview type of way the reasons for performing first and second party quality audits, and the five basic activites of the audit.

Being that I am pretty new to Wikipedia, I am not sure where to start editing an article. What do people think about setting up a framework to let the article expand into a bit? Maybe with sections for a history, a description of reasons for quality audits, a description of types of quality audits (compliance, performance, system, process, product), and a links area. Perhaps also a section for the basic flow of a quality audit: Gather data comparing requirements to evidence, use data to make observations, analyze observations to draw findings and conclusions, or something like that. The links area could at least have a link to the American Socitey for Quality,

I am sorry, but I am not much of an author, so I may have screwed up the bibliographical thing above, so please bear with me on that one. Bnissen 14:43, 5 May 2006 (UTC)