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Raul's role in the Moncada Barracks Operation[edit]

Here is an interesting article from Granma which includes a facimile from the Oriente newspaper July 30, 1953, reporting RC's capture:

I believe he also played an important role in Operation Carlota - the Cuban defeat of the South African invasion of Angola in 1976. I'll post a source when I find it.

And Ramses II defeated the Hittites sure!! El Jigue 8-27-06


Is his father Ángel Castro y Argiz?

No not according to Díaz-Versón, Salvador 1980 One man, one battle. World Wide Pub. Co. New York ASIN B0006E1ULI. pp. 93 and 107, and a number of places on the web e.g. [1] And there is an old photograph on the web which shows his father Felipe Mirabal and Batista during his baptism ceremony. El Jigue 9-7-06

Vive Raúl![edit]

Report states that using odd grammar crowd cheers Raul. Apparently this cheer might be interpreted to indicate that some question if Raul has or has not joined the living dead "His speech, which closed the union's 19th congress in Havana, earned him a standing ovation from the crowd of about 1,400 people, which chanted ``Vive Raúl!" [2] El Jigue 9-29-06


There should be a good section on this as there are many notable reforms (possibly more important than the lasrge part of the transition (which should be on fidel's page)).

Heres one(Lihaas (talk) 11:50, 21 February 2014 (UTC)).


>> Cuba passes law to attract foreign investors Lihaas (talk) 19:10, 29 March 2014 (UTC)