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Theme song[edit]

Am I the only one that thinks the "bok-bok-bok" song is a note-for-note copy of the opening theme in Duke Nukem 3d?

Yes. Like the article says, it's the infamous muazak from the mall in the original Dawn Of The Dead film.

The episode guide[edit]

Who edits the episode guide so that it has info 2 weeks in advanced?

The credits[edit]

I was listening to the DVD Commentary when I heard SMG Mention that Mila Kunis was being credited as Stunning. I went back and hit pause and noticed that SMG was being credited as Super hot or something and Sarah Gold was credited as good from far, but far from good or something like that. In the next episode i noticed the same 3 were being credited as something like t-ball advisor, tea party advisor, t-bag advisor. I am just now watching these dvds for the first time with the comentary, but i am wondering if any one else has noticed this? and should i go through and make a list of the different credits they get in each episode?

update: i just got to ep 20 and i see thier names again still sharing the credits screen with the animation assistants and interns. this time they are Mr. Green's Dialect coach (SMG), Mr Green's Hygiene Coach (Mila Kunis), and Knows what was Blurred out in Episode 8 (S. Gold) When i get home from work today i am going to watch them all and take more accurate notes for them.--Owenlars2

Overseas Screenings[edit]

Has it been sold overseas? If so, where is it screening? User Calibanu 13.06, 27 January 2006

hugh davidson[edit]

the writing credit link for hugh davidson links him to a scottish footballer... —Preceding unsigned comment added by Childhoodtrauma (talkcontribs)

Dr. Claw figure resemblence to the Mad Scientist?[edit]

I don't understand why the opening section paragraph says that the evil Scientist Fritz Huhnermorder is supposed to resemble the unmasked Dr. Claw figure. I've seen the action figure before and I just somehow don't see the resemblence at all. I thought maybe that should be removed in the paragraph.

here are two links that show the scientist and the action figure.

[[1]] [[2]] Nathen