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Self Appointed Soke[edit]

There are a lot of these guys out there, I think it deserves mention in the article. Clausewitz01

Except for a very few Japanese, they are all self appointed. I know a guy who got his dog a Soke title. The USA is full of Soke wannabes due to the scam ran by the so-called World Head Sokeship Council Head of Family Blah, Blah, Blah, which is ran out of an apartment in the Ghetto of Cleveland, Ohio. bigzilla76.205.74.0 (talk) 06:05, 1 April 2008 (UTC)

"Nonsense" about Soke-Dai?[edit]

The title of Soke-Dai is hardly nonsense. I don't know if it's an ancient title or not, but it is most certainly in signficant usage today to mean an assistant to the Soke. A quick Google search shows 598 mentions of the term, almost all referring to this meaning of the term, from a wide variety of sources. (an article on titles and dojo etiquette that discusses Soke-Dai)] (Somebody bothered to write an essay on the role of Soke and their Soke-Dai in the US) (it's common enough people sell uniform patches for it)

. . .And about six hundred more pages that make casual mention of the Soke-Dai of their art.

These articles might not be highly authoritative, but they certainly prove the title is in use (even if not in very widespread use), and worth a sentence or two in the "Soke" article in Wikipedia, and not "nonsense". If it's not a traditional title, it's certainly a modern expansion of it in significant use.