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This entry on Shackelford, California, has nothing on the history of the town. Does anyone know where its name came from? Thanks. Just wondering if the town's name had anything to do with R.M. Shackelford, who was in Monterey County in the mid 19th century.MarmadukePercy (talk) 16:39, 6 April 2008 (UTC) R.M. Shackelford came from Kentucky to California in 1853, and dug for gold.R.M. ShackelfordMarmadukePercy (talk) 17:00, 6 April 2008 (UTC)

This article now contains this statement: "The name Shackelford comes from shack, due to the shacks that were first built, and ford, because of the settlement's proximity to the Tuolumne River ford." This is almost certainly incorrect. The town is likely named for R. M. Shackelford. Or perhaps W. C. Shackelford, a Modesta merchant and president of the school board. I hope someone knowledgeable can get to the bottom of this. MarmadukePercy (talk) 04:06, 31 December 2009 (UTC)
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