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I edited this article on 5/11/07. Jessica N.Bell199.74.100.62 18:56, 11 May 2007 (UTC)

Some Comments[edit]

The degree of detail is very good. I have a few additional format suggestions, most minor but may add a little clarity. First, you might consider deleting the first subheading "taberna" because the Title of the page directly above it mentions it. Second, there is a way to link each citation with a referenced footnote (directly with the full source), if you choose. I've noticed that other wikipedia articles follow this method. Also, when you add your picture, I noticed a lot of books include diagrams of Roman city layouts, you may add a diagram of where shops would be located in cities to give another visual aid. Overall, I think you covered the subjuct very well. --P. Pacult

The material covered in this article seems fine. I think it would help, however, to synthesize the information provided in the different sections, or to somehow tie them into each other. Also information about the use of tabernae as the main food providers for people who live above the third floor of insulae would improve the content(this is incorrect, tabernae were located on the bottom floor of multiple level insulae Jessica B. J-bellNU 14:36, 18 May 2007 (UTC)). Also, it might be a good idea to check the use of the singular and plural forms of taberna. There is at lease one place where you use the singular form when it should be plural. This is a minor detail, but just something I noticed. In summary, the information you provided is a bit disjointed in its current organization. Overall, however, this is a nice summary of tabernae!

Mina7 00:38, 15 May 2007 (UTC)

This clearly covers all the required elements of the assignment. A graphic is still missing, but I know you have plans to add this. In the first two sections, some easy grammar mistakes need to be revised. For instance, double-check the verb agreement. One sentence uses both "had" and "has." Also, "Livywrites" needs a space. I think the content is fine, which is why I focused on the mechanics. Trixie L

I added links to 3 images because I did not want to violate copyright rules. I hope that this will be sufficient. J-bellNU 16:33, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

You seem to have found a substantial amount of information on tabernae, which is great. I like the idea of organizing the information into sections, especially the "Importance" heading. It did become slightly confusing, however. I would suggest possibly using fewer headings or combining some of them into one. I liked learning about the types and various uses of tabernae, but I was wondering if you had been able to find more information on their changing influence and role in Rome over time. I would also be interested to know some of the differences among tabernae in Rome and in different cities across the Empire, if that information is available and if the differences are significant. Great job overall!

(last post by Sydney)