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Science-fiction television series[edit]

I don't think the following reference is correct (second quoted sentence), I've not seen the Sci-Fi channel film, but it appears to have no connection. Therefore I've removed the material and placed it here: 'Threshold is also the name of a science-fiction television series that began airing in 2005. Its based on the Sci-Fi Original Picture, Threshold, that came out in 2003. Black Wolff 01:14, 12 October 2005 (UTC)

There is not much information at the Sci-Fi Original Picture website. Several online souces such as MSN movies do say that it came out in 2003. --JWSchmidt 02:18, 12 October 2005 (UTC)

Oh, sorry, I wasn't disagreeing with the date, as far as i know that is accurate. I just think it should be a separate entry because I can find no proof (I've watched every episode of the series thus far) that links the movie with the television show. Also everything I've heard indicates that the television show was an independent production. Black Wolff 13:16, 13 October 2005 (UTC)

I was trying to find information about the movie that would allow us to decide if there is a relationship (besides name and genre) between the movie and the TV show. I failed to find anything online that said if the TV show was inspired or in any other way connected to the movie. It may be that the moviw was so bad that nobody will ever want to list it in wikipedia! --JWSchmidt 16:45, 13 October 2005 (UTC)

That could be true, I've only seen a couple but I didn't like Sci Fi's original pictures that much. *shrugs* Anyway, back to the topic. According to the Sci Fi synopsis the strange people are involved with moths and strange insect appendages. Everything on the show so far has been about how the "alien signal" rewrites the DNA of subjects--but they just heal rapidly, resist electricty, or are "super-strong." The movie synopsis also mentions that news of the "outbreak" gets out--whereas on the TV show everything is top secret and clearly isn't coming after the events in the movie but in "our present day." Oh, but one of the producers used to work at CBS, hmmm...that appears to be the only connection, ;-). Black Wolff 16:49, 13 October 2005 (UTC)

Origin of Threshold[edit]

I question whether the origin of the word, "threshold," truly relates to an effort to "stop the straw from escaping the cobblestone floor." I know such a story is part of an email in mass circulation that purports to describe early origins of several modern words and phrases, but some of the explanations in the email seem fanciful, that is, internet urban legends (or perhaps, in this case more accurately, rural legends).

I don't question the door sill origin of the word, but I do question the suggestion that the "thresh" in "threshold" refers to the straw used on the floors of English homes in the 16th Century (or so). I understand the connection between "thresh," "thrash," and "straw," etc., but that is insufficient to draw the connection to the word's origins.

What say ye?

DBK 02:55, 11 September 2006 (UTC)

The Online Etymology Dictionary is your friend: says ...but the oft-repeated story that the threshold was a barrier placed at the doorway to hold the chaff flooring in the room is mere folk etymology. Cotoco (talk) 03:24, 1 November 2009 (UTC)