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Real Name and Marriage Status

have evidence that Summer Hanson is not her real name. This needs a citation.

Is Tiffany Taylor her real name, then?

No, I have seen evidence (wedding pictures) from her husband, who runs a porn site, that suggests that her name includes the fragment "Mel". Could be Melanie or Melissa.

Her real name is Summer Hanson. She is not married, and her fiance is in the band System of a Down. Perhaps the above comment about her "husband" running a porn site is thinking about the porn star Tiffany Taylor, but this is certainly an incorrect statement in regards to the Playmate Tiffany Taylor.

That is incorrect- her name is not Summer, but Melissa. Her husband Rob runs a gaming site (amongst several adult sites) which i am a member of, and she often comes in to help out. Yes im sure this Tiffany Taylor is the Playboy model. Kazzy101 07:18, 11 February 2007 (UTC)

here is a web, you will find many pics of her and Rob. Melissa_x and vesuvius are their nicknames. Kazzy101 07:26, 11 February 2007 (UTC)

Right: lots of photos from Melissa and Rob there. BUT: (Last update march 11/2005) - Melissa is listed as "With family friend Melissa in 2004". How calls his wife a "family friend"? Perhaps they split up? Divorced? Or married after 2004? Anyone who knows?

Married in 2005 I think. There are wedding pics available.

Where are these weddings pics to be found? Any link?

Private pics actually. Dont think Rob or Mel will be happy about it, though I can help you with contact details, for the sole purpose of researching for this article.

Thx for the offer but it isn´t that important. Just wanted to know. I think - and hope - that Melissa has better things to do than caring about her article in wikipedia (which has a lot of mistakes, e.g. that she will be marrying this spring, that her real name is summer hanson, etc.). So you don´t need to bother them. Thx for all the information you supplied to a thankful and really big fan of "Tiffany Taylor" from germany;-)

You are WRONG. The information that her real name is Summer Hanson is correct. Here is a very recent Washington Post discussion about her That is found with a simple google search, and I hope it finally puts to bed the false information that she is married to a pornographer, or a gambling webmaster, or that she is in porn. It is simply not true. She is in LA and has been seen on several commercials and a recent Weezer music video. She also does comic book shows which is where she met her fiance, the drummer in the band System of a Down.

"she met her fiance, the drummer in the band System of a Down." John Dolmayan ? Are you realy sure of that ?

The article posted above does not mention her marital status. Please post a citation where it mentions she is married to that drummer, because from my personal aquantaince with Rob and "Taylor", they are married. Also, of the two journalists discussing Taylor (in the above Wasington Post article), only one have met her personally, and that occured when she was part of a playmates gathering where the name Tiffany Taylor would have been used. The note that she was born Summer Hanson may well have been derived from this very wikipedia article!—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Kazzy101 (talkcontribs) 10:36, February 25, 2007 (UTC)

When looking at the pictures at, it seems that "Taylor" is indeed married to Rob. There are so many pictures of them together (in private, e.g. Hawaii, Phoenix, etc.). Additionally she calls herself (!) Melissa/Mel which definitely speaks against the "Summer Hanson"-theory. The Washington Post article is indeed fom 2007 - but I have seen an identical (!) version from 2000, too!!! It seems to be a repetition.... There is also no single information to be found that her fiance is System of a Down´s drummer John Dolmayan. Correct is that there are some mix ups with the porn star Tiffany Taylor. Correct is, too, that she is in the Weezer clip "Beverly Hills" and that she lives in LA and regularyly appears at ComicCons, etc. The simple google search is a nice thing...but a more intense google search in connection with (look at the pics and take a look at what Melissa Perry has written in the posts/threads...then you will find her private connection to Rob whom she mentions very very often, common vacation,pics form common vacation, etc.). The only pssible way that John Dolmayan is her fiance is a divorce from Rob Simyar...but since there is no proof for that, it seems that they are still happy together. Indeed: the whole "Summer Hanson"-theory seems to be derived from that single WP-article! Since "Taylor" did not talk about private stuff, you habe to rely on hints. A the strongest hint to her private life can be found on, not google or the Washington post. Finally, if we believe that the gentleman´s entry before this one really knows them both, it would be one more hint...Email addresses from Rob (=Vesuvius) and "Taylor" (=Melissa_X) can be found. Proposal: try and mail them - maybe you will get an answer.

Take a close look at and after that it is clear that: -"Tiffany Taylor" is Melissa Perry (enter "Tiffany Taylor" and "Melissa_X" in google...then you are automatically at -Robert Simyar runs -that both og them must have a close realtionship for years (e.g.they are married)—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 12:26, February 25, 2007 (UTC)

I commend the above poster on his research techniques, so comes the question: should we change the name on the main article? I do believe there is enough evidence for you all to conclude her name IS indeed Melissa, and not Summer Hanson.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Kazzy101 (talkcontribs) 13:25, February 25, 2007 (UTC) - FTVGirls_Rob seems to be the same Rob as at toheroes because he has private pics of him and "Tiffany Taylor"/Melissa Perry. I - like in my other posts - totally agree with Kazzy101 who originally brought in toheroes, Tiffany´s real name being Melissa Perry and her being married to a man named Robert. Thx for commending my research.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 16:16, March 11, 2007 (UTC)

Clearly, the most legitimate NEWS source regarding her real name is the properly cited discussion. Anything regarding above should be disregarded. The whole point of this debate centers around Tiffany Taylor's extreme privacy regarding her real name and private life. Taking that into account... it is unlikely at best that she would appear on her boyfriend/husband's website, with even a fraction of her real name, while clearly posing as a professional model. Until someone has a legitimate news website that states another birth name other than Summer Hanson, I think the real name should be removed for the bio, or Summer Hanson should be added. I have removed both names as a compromise.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Neilva (talkcontribs) 19:05, March 12, 2007 (UTC)

On the one hand I apprechiate your compromise. But on the other hand it is a fact that "Tiffany" appears together with her boyfriend/husband Rob - lots of pictures of them together can be found at the picture section at toheroes (1st picture of her is at the start page already). The threads/posts she wrote at that page are always signed with "Melissa", Rob mentions her as "Melissa", too. At the link, Rob comments a picture of her and his car with "Here´s my two loves" which alone is not a proof but together with it makes sense. So I think the question about her boyfriend/husband is answered: his name is Rob(ert)Simyar. And at toheroes he talks about her as "Mel" and "Melissa" which supports the argument that this is her real name. I think Tiffany keeps her privacy because almost no one knows about her and Rob. But please take your time working your way through the threads and posts by Rob (best example for him talking about Melissa: The point is that is it necessary to search in more private pages in order to get information. Disregarding takes away a good source for that. Try google with "Melissa_X" "Tiffany Taylor" - you will be automatically led to You can also try . I see your point: "Tiffany" does not tell us about her real name, etc which is understandable. But her boyfriend/husband seems to be more "relaxed" about that at toheroes and that´s why I think this homepage is important, too. Just because this page is not a NEWS page it does not mean that is is worthless at all, I think (even though a NEWS page would be better, I agree). The point is that even if it is unlikely that her boyfriend/husband mentions her real name at toheroes he nevertheless does exactly the opposite - indeed he mentions her name several times, with pictues and all. This page clearly show that her real name is Melissa Perry but since it is not a "reliable source" in terms of a NEWS page, it is best to simply call her "Tiffany Taylor" in the main article.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 04:50, March 13, 2007 (UTC)

I disagree that it is a fact that the person she is posing with is her boyfriend/husband. He doesn't clearly state the relationship. It's just as much of "fact" for me to say this person is just a stalker posing as her partner. Neither is a fact, just a guess.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 18:36, March 13, 2007

You are right: both of them do not state their relationship (which is probably for reasons of privacy which is understandable, I think). So all we have is hints. The gentleman who brought in the toheroes link seems to know Melissa and Rob personally and he states their relationship which is only a hint, too. But I don´t think that "Tiffany Taylor" would pose with that guy if he wasn´t a very close friend/husband. There are simply too many photos of them together and Rob presents too much "private" details about her to be just an ordinary fan, etc. All we have is circumstantial evidence - unfortunately. Let us collect links and give them here for other fans - everyone can make up his mind - either in favor of "Summer Hanson" or "Melissa Perry", the Washington Post article or—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 04:16, March 14, 2007

ok lemme just say im a very big tiffany taylor fan, and alot of you guys are very gullible lol. I have seen most of tiffany's pictorials and galleries over the years and lemme just tell you that EVERY single pic that i have looked at on that guys site with them together is a FAKE! I have the proof too cause i have the actual real PICS! you guys are not doing a very good job with google search. You can find most of those pics that he has with her at the REAL location they were taken and WITHOUT HIM in them. All he did was photoshop himself in all of them. The pics he has of just her alone are genuine because they were either playboy or other magazine pictorials. So because all his pics of her are fake the logical conclusion is that everything else he has about her is fake including her name. I cant believe he would go threw so much trouble to do all that...what a loser—Preceding unsigned comment added by XavierHollywood (talkcontribs) 00:27, March 26, 2007

If you have the "real" pics, give us the possibility to look at them. And plz do not photoshop yourself in the pics;-) If you really know where to find the "real" pics, plz give us some links.

haha i promise not to photoshop myself in the pics like that jackass on toheroes did...Heres the thing though...Im proud to say (or maybe ashamed to say lol) that of Tiffany's many fans i probably have one of the biggest collections of her around. Nnow i dont exactly know where to find these pics again (its taken a looong time to find many of them), but i DO have them on my comp and i would be more then happy to share some with you (especially the ones with the photoshopping). If you dont mind giving me your AIM sn (or just make up a bogus one whatever) or your email i'll send them to you. Heres some advice though: although ALL the pics he has with her are photoshopped its most obvious to find on google the real images of the ones he has posted under "headshots and Indoors" He has one with him posing with her in a beige top and another 2 with her in a black V neck dress. Those pics were ACTUALLY taken at some of her appearences at glamourcon. Type glamourcon and her name into google and you should find the results quick enough. If even that isnt enough verification then like i said i will send you some more of her actual shots WITHOUT him in them.

THX a lot! The thing is that I am a biiiig fan, too (with a nearly 3800 pics and 60 clips collection). Took me also years to get it and it´s still growing. I agree: I have some pics of her which are identical but on one pic she is alone, on the other she´s with that guy. But has he photoshopped himself in or has he been photoshopped out? So which one is the real pic? After all I am really not sure. She could wear a beige top and take a pic with that guy, then she attends GlamourCon, etc. with the same top and that´s why there are pics of her alone in that top. Just a thought of me. Plz send me the pics you are talking about because I was wondering about your arguments, too. But on the other hand: who´s that crazy to photoshop himself with Tiffany and to such extend? Even you and me as big fans do not, haha!

3800 pics and 60 clips eh? Not quite at my level yet hahaha (im well over 5000 myself). I would have to say though that this guy DEF photoshopped himself into all the pics. Its so damn obvious that hes doctored alot of them it isnt even funny. I'll give creidt where its due though cause some of the pics look pretty good, but the second he photoshops a single one then you have to question everything else on that site. The one that is by FAR the most obvious is under the "on the computer section" with her supposedly in her bedroom where she is wrapping her arms around her midsection. Now if you really have a 3800 pic collection then you should immediately realize that is a pic from her from her "blue nighty" gallery taken WAAAAAAY back when her site previous to the one she has up now opened. ALSO on several pics its quite clear her head is just sorta floating on the body. Like the one where she is in the dentis chair...something looks really iffy about the whole thing and again in the pic where she and him are supposedly going to a costume party. She looks EXACTLY the way she did in a VERY old gothic type gallery she did in which she was posing with the bible. Again like i said, this guy has done a good job with alot of them, but how can you trust him when you know even a SINGLE one is fake? You have my word that i will send you a few in pics in the coming days though. Im a little busy currently so sit tight

Do so! I´m looking forward to it! ;-)

She is of French and Pakistani origin (cf. main articel? I think there we have it again: mixing up adult actress Tiffany Taylor aka Heather Hunt with our "real" Tiffany Taylor, PMOM 11/98. I remember "real" Tiffany talking about her origins on (chat-section) and she said that her origin was a European one. But the statement in the main article only goes for the "wrong" Tiffany - so it is definitely false at this place!

Yeah, i agree with you, the other Tiffany is French (like me ^^). 16:01, 13 April 2007 (UTC)

Two examples of photoshopped photos: vs. vs. (flipped)

Are Her Breasts Real?

Does anyone have any information on this? It doesn't say in the description here.

Doubt it. They don't look it.

They are plump , firm and real. As for anythging else it is for higher powers to deal with.

Her breasts maybe real. they are plump and soft to look at... ehem nice!

I would say that they have been enhanced but who cares , they sure look beautiful and i have no problem with that.

anyway sorry to but lucy pinders breasts are much better , in fact her breasts , personality and the fact she is younger and more gifted suggests that tiffany has had her day.