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Often served cold[edit]

Most savory soups are served exclusively hot (or, at a minimum, not chilled). This one is not. That is notable.

In the absence of a pressing reason to remove the mention, I'd argue to include it. The reasons I can immediately think of to exclude material from an article (excessive article length, confusion, redundancy, and wandering off topic) do not appear to apply in this case. Most importantly, it is hypothetically possible to assume tomato soup is always served hot if that's the only way one has encountered it, so it does add useful content to the article. --CalculatinAvatar(C-T) 06:36, 20 March 2007 (UTC)

The way it was written in the article didn't flow well at all. If you feel it must be in the article, I wouldn't object to something like "unlike most savory soups, it may be served either hot or cold." Would that work? Voretus 08:02, 21 March 2007 (UTC)
That's fine with me. --CalculatinAvatar(C-T) 02:58, 8 April 2007 (UTC)
More often than is usual for other soups, but in my experience tomato soup (or cream of tomato soup at least) is nearly always served hot. The exception would be gazpacho I suppose. eyeball226 (talk) 15:27, 22 September 2010 (UTC)


How about some sources? I've never had a grilled cheese sandwich with my tomato soup, though I did have toast accompany it. - (talk) 03:05, 2 February 2008 (UTC)

Where I grew up in the US they always gave you grilled cheese sandwiches with your tomato soup. I've never had it accompanied with toast. --Mûĸĸâĸûĸâĸû 18:13, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

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tomato soup fixing it, etc.

Oh nvm that was tomato juice. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:02, 30 September 2008 (UTC)