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Annual Report of the Attorney General of U.S. and Congressional Serial Set Roman Catholic Bishop vs. Salmono Cota It never stated why the suit. 1889- 1900

In this suit the plantiff Roman Catholic Bishop of Monterey, in his list of defendants one is Fernando Ortega he is related to Fransico Ortega, El Capitan for Spanish and founder of the Santa Barbara Prisido. Read this book called Nuestra Sonora Del Refugio shows Franciso's family tree and some of the Ortega's listed on this suit. Why were they included if this was for the Indians?

National Archives 1, Washington D.C. RG 75, special cases 4956-1888 Ten Indians from Sanja Cota Creek Reservation in Sanja Cota Creek in Santa Barbara Couty write a letter to the Department of Interior of U.S. asking to send a commissioner ASAP. They wrote several times according to acting Commisoner A Burkow not sure on the spelling of last name Washigton, August 2, 1888 date he wrote back. 4956-1888, 9140- ,10418-,15199-, 17808- National Archives Washington D.C.

None of these Indians that wrote the letter asking for a commissioner are listed in the suit. Maybe, they passed away, by the time the suit was in court.

Some of them that are in the suit are either grandparent or auntie or related like Juan Miranda, Clara Miranda, Inez Pina, Maria Antonia, Gudalupe Pina, Petra Miranda, Joaquin Pina,Fransico Estrada,and many others Indians, the Ortegas that are listed come from the Spanish tree of Fransico Ortega, El Capitan and founder of Santa Barbara Presidio.

In the Indian Census the Ortega's were take off and then the next Census they were added again? Was the Commisoners not aware who was Indian and who was Spanish the Ortega's were very powerful family back then. Was the Commissoner blind and not aware of the California History? In the early part of 1900 and late 1800's.

In the Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian Census the Ortega's; the Doctor made a note they resent being called Indians they are of Spanish descent? So how is that they are Indians? Some of that family is enrolled in our reservation today. Census of Sant Ynez or Sanja Cota Indians of Mision Agency by Francisco Estradillo October 14, 1894, is when the Ortega's appear on Indian census. San Bruno Archives Mircocopy # 595, Indian Census Roll, 1885- 1940, Roll 258, Mission Tule River 1884-97. Census Roll June 30 1922, Mission Indain Agency, Riverside California, C.L. Lewis , Specail supervisor in charge National Archives San Bruno CA Mircofilm Mr. C.L. Lewis makes note of the Ortega's resent being called Indian they are spanish throught out the Census from 1922 up to 1937 and now today we have Ortega's on our Base Roll I have challaged our base roll, have not heard back from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and have not had any response from Business Committee which has been the same for many years?

This Ortega family are not Indian's we have done the research and we are finding some of the Ortega's hired a Attorney this Attorney use to work for our tribe and I questioned him, how can you change someones documents with out there consent or knowledge; he said they can do what ever they want. Meaning the business committee and one of maybe one of the BIA employees he married one of the Ortega's from our reservation, which was on the business committee.

Another person was know for writing many books on California Indians, which have been questioned by the Indians she wrote about. This one aslo was hired to alter one of, if not many of our family tree documents and one of out business committee members used one of my anuties for his mother. She had same first name. Nothing has been done about that. This lady handed my cousin the documents she used.

I guess I am mentioning this because its part of the history that has been pasted and its cared on to this century and nothing is being done about. These non-Indians are taking away from the rightful Indians. They have the vote power we have asked for help in this matter I even challeged our base roll and nothing has happened.

Where the Bishops part of the Ortega family? Was Refugio spanish land grant, suppose to go to the Indians? In either the Attorney General report or the Congessional Serial Set it stated some of the Indians received land. We are having a hard time finding the documents. Was there fraud going on back in those days for the land?

The land in question was parts of Canada de los Pions or College Rancho which is about 35,000 acres according to Bureau of Land Management of today. In the suit also taked about 11,500 acres. We have been doing research on our Indian history and finding many things have been altered sometime in this century, to add or completely change the orginal document.

This is part of the history handed down from past history and it has been growning in numbers the real Indians are being rejected and our chairman today will not make a move because his grandmaother has the last name Ortega. There are but few real Indians as Mr. C.L. Lewis stated in his reports and no one followed up on it, Why?

So here I am today telling you of the problems created in the late 1800's still exist today in 2010 whats going to happen? No one wants to act on this maybe this could be a suit, the Indians have been abused time after time.

What happen to the royal proclaimation made by the queen not to harm or molest the people of the land. I guess it was not meant for the Indian people.

A missing 'Acting' Secretary?[edit]

While working on other things, George W. Woodruff, popped up several places attached to the term Acting Secretary of the Interior, during Teddy Roosevelt's administration. It might have been a short stint (mid 1907), but with his other activities, it was at an important time in establishing the basis of current policy concerning use of and charges for natural resources. Other than the mention at his page, there are others, including;

The Milwaukee Journal - Feb 17, 1930
Indian Reserved Water Rights: The Winters Doctrine in Its Social and Legal ..., item 13
and others...

But then again, it might also be a mis-reference to the following quote from the Report of the Forester, 1907, by his friend Gifford Pinchot;

On March 22 Mr. George W. Woodruff, Chief of the Office of Law, resigned to become Assistant Attorney-General of the United States, assigned to the Department of the Interior. His work for the Service was of very great value, not only in purely legal matters, but also in solving administrative problems and important questions of policy, especially in the sections of claims, special uses, and settlement, which were under his charge. These sections, with status, were in April transferred to the new Office of Lands, under which their activities for the year will be reported, and the law officer and his force were transferred to the Office of the Forester.

Just about 11/11/11 at 11:11:11, Regards, CasualObserver'48 (talk) 03:11, 11 November 2011 (UTC)