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Star Trek/Anime[edit]

"Fred Patten and Gilles Poitras are both older gentlemen who write professionally about anime. Fred Patten is also famous for having played a major role in the birth of anime fandom in America, having helped to start the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization in 1977, the first anime-related fan club in the United States. At the opening cereonies, Mr. Patten explained how American fans in the 70s used to trade Star Trek videos to Japanese fans in exchange for anime videos (not on VHS, or betamax, but an even older format called V-Cord). Gilles Poitras is most well-known for his books on anime, including The Anime Companion and Anime Essentials. At the panel, Mr. Poitras and Mr. Patten spoke about what it's like to write about anime professionally, and the difficulty of finding useful information about anime (especially the more obscure titles that have interesting historical significance). They mentioned that even with the power of the internet to disseminate information, most webpages about anime tend to be similar in their scope and do not offer the information that anime historians are looking for, such as who worked on what series, when it was first broadcast in Japan, etc. With their astounding knowledge of anime and American anime fandom, these two gentlemen were a pleasure to listen to." (written by Lawrence Eng of --Gwern (contribs) 18:08 21 November 2009 (GMT)