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I am a man,62 years old suffering from cronic insomnia sence 35 years back.I lost my sleep totaly and without medicine I have been without sleep totaly for 3 month.My bloodpressure is normal when I get medicine tooo sleep but after this 3 months I got a bloodpressure of 275/175 and my doctor get the right medicine for me too sleep emediatly.My medicine is vesparax and I have get that kind of medicine for over 30 years and I have been able too work all the time.the dose was 2,5 tabletts.After the year of 2000 I was forced to seek the ingredients by my docter and the drugstore and we only find secobarbital sodium but the brallobarbital calsium I could not find.As I must have a synnergist so the dose can be as low as possible I was forced to imploy pentotal sodium insted of brallobarbital calsium.It is a little bit more difficult to use that combination but after a little while I controll even that. I have to tell about the background to my sleepdisorder.It is a disorder I have by inheritance. This disorder was first discovered on my mothers grandmother who was dieing of it as she was not getting any medicine.Two of hers sons was also getting the cronic insomnia and as they was never get any medicine for it they also died.My mother was allso getting the cronic insomnia but was getting the medicine vesparax and she was taking that medicine in the rest of her life.

very little have been written on cronic insomnia and the cure of the disease particular when the cure is barbiturates and therfore I must lift forward this issue to the place it deserve.My life have been rescued thanks to the barbiturates and a doctor wiht spine enough to recognise my disease,I am obliged to give him a huge THANKS A LOT for saving my life.

Hans Flodin