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Sources for 1954[edit]

At present the article says "Vintage Books is a publishing imprint established in 1954 by Alfred A. Knopf." The external links includes this time line which says "1954 - acquired Vintage Books, paperback imprint"

An Abebooks search for Vintage Books up to 1954 finds:

  • 1928: "Vintage Books"[1]
  • 1931: "Vintage" paperback[2]
  • 1936: "Vintage Books"[3]
  • 1940: "Vintage" paperback[4]
  • 1942: "Vintage Books"[5]
  • 1946: "Vintage Books/ A Division of Random House, New York, 1946" paperback[6]
  • 1948: "Vintage Books/ A Division of Random House, New York, 1948" paperback[7]
  • 1951: "Vintage Books/ A Division of Random House, New York, 1951" paperback[8]
  • 1953: "Vintage Books a division of Random House, 1953"[9]

As some booksellers are using the copyright date as the manufacturing date more research is needed.

A search of the NY Times article archive for "Vintage Books" only finds

  • July 04, 1954 "Knopf is coming up with Vintage Books, a series which will not roam around freely in the Anchorite manner"
  • October 31, 1954 "Nevertheless, because of a feeling that books were too expensive on one side, and ... Vintage AFTER Anchor came Vintage, which is a Knopf. product..."

I suspect the article is accurate. I'm not an NY Times subscriber at present and so could not view the full articles. --Marc Kupper|talk 06:04, 23 April 2014 (UTC)