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Map file on page missing, use the same key. found this on the dead link the side "Hitler's ideal world. Red areas belonging to Germany, Green areas to Italy, Blue areas to Britain, and yellow areas belonging to Japan."


The article is currently unclear as to what is content summarised from Zweites Buch and what is commentary. The historical preamble especially seems to have no attributions. --Davémon 21:15, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

Has anybody a map of hitler's idelal world? it would be matching to this article.

North and South America[edit]

As far as I know from what I read in "Mein Kamp" Adolf Hitler was an admirer of America, a great admirer of America making a clear distiction between North America, basically Germanic, and South America, basically mestizo, mixed.

In fact, Hitler says that in South America Spaniards and Portuguese mixed easily with Natives and Africans and also, that the United States will continue to be the World´s Greatest Power as far as it doesn´t mix becoming a mestizo society like South America.

But the United States has underdstood that its economic and demographic future lies in a mestizo, mixed, society similar to Latin America and the change is being made from inside with Hispanics becoming 30% of the population by the year 2046 and Whites becoming a minority. Curiously by then it is expected that the time of the American Century will have past and China will be the most prominent World Power...

Funny jokes... few sources = a fantasy story[edit]

The cited "Josef Berg" was born in 1927... therefore he was about one year old, when he worked with Hitler in the Eher Verlag.

But really: Is this article a joke? An internet meme? A fantasy story?

The whole section about the discovery of the book doesn't has a cited source. Illustrous but dead people like Telford Taylor are named as credible source for the originality of the book. An unnamed soldier found the book in an unnamed air raid shelter somewhere in devastated germany and put that to file in an US archive where a historian found it? And the historian had problems to find a publisher for one of Hitlers lost books? Really? The book hasn't been secured in a subterran archive together with stolen art objects? The soldier hasn't taken the book with himself (like they did with the Gutenberg-Bible)? And it was impossible to find a pubisher for a Hitler-book? Really?

In germany we have a word for such an amazing story: "Räuberpistole".

My two cents (as well as the wikipedia article with no cites ;-): The historian needs a good Story for his career, so he "found" a lost book. (talk) 09:29, 6 July 2011 (UTC)

Possibly not a fantasy - well known Yale Historian of Nazi period appears to take it as authentic

See: Turner, Henry Ashby Jr., "Research Notes: Fascism and Modernization," World Politics, Vol 24, No 4 (July 1972) pp 547-564.

(available on JSTOR database. For those with access the URL is .)

On page 553 of the article in the above noted journal, Turner's footnote 13 seems to imply that he takes the authenticity of the "Second Book" at face value, and considers it uncontroversial and genuine.

I tried to post a scan in here but it doesn't work. Here's the text as it appears in the note:

"13 Hitler's scorn for modern industrial cities has not received the attention it deserves. In his unpublished book of 1928 he described them as "abscesses on the body of the folk (Volkskorper), in which all vices, bad habits and sickness seem to unite. They are above all hotbeds of miscegenation and bastardization ...." See Gerhard L. Weinberg, ed. Hitlers Zweites Buch (Stuttgart 1961), 61 f."

Turner ( see his page in Wikipedia at ) was a professor at Yale and so far as I know, a well-respected specialist on Nazi-era politics in Germany. World Politics is equally a very respectable academic journal. There may be other references to the same source in the article; I'm just in the process of reading it.

One academic reference like this certainly is insufficient to establish genuineness of such a text whose authenticity is bound to be controversial, but it is suggestive that, at least as of the early 1970s the book was not considered to be a fantasy or a fraud in legitimate academic circles. I suggest asking historians specializing in the period to provide further impressions of whether the document is well established as genuine or a possible forgery or confused mis-attribution to Hitler of something written by someone else and unsigned.

FurnaldHall (talk) 01:36, 14 November 2012 (UTC)


Seriously? A Link to and a wayback link to, two shady looking sites? There has to be a better source --Michael Sch. (talk) 12:14, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

This may help... --2001:470:1F09:17C:224:8CFF:FEBC:F585 (talk) 12:38, 21 March 2013 (UTC)