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Studio album by Yes
Released 21 March 1994
Recorded November 1992 to July 1993 at "The Jacaranda Room", Los Angeles, CA; A&M Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Genre Progressive rock, art rock
Length 55:02
Label Victory Music
Producer Trevor Rabin
Yes chronology
Keys to Ascension

Talk is the fourteenth studio album by the progressive rock band Yes, released in 1994.


Talk is Yes' first release with an independent label after having been distributed the length of their career thus far with Atlantic Records and Arista Records. In a 1993 interview, Alan White joked that the album would be called Crunching Numbers and another working title was History of the Future. He also mentioned a song called "Scarlet from the Tide", but it is unknown whether this song became part of a track on the album or if it wasn't added at all.[1] Talk is also the last Yes recording with Tony Kaye on Hammond organ and Trevor Rabin on guitars, keyboards and vocals.



Following the mammoth tour for Union in 1991, Bill Bruford, Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman left the eight-member band. Wakeman was originally going to be part of the lineup, but conflicts with management kept this from happening. Remaining was the 1983-88 line-up of Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Trevor Rabin, Tony Kaye and Alan White. With Rabin taking the lead - even producing the project himself, he introduced Yes to the non linear digital revolution. Being at the frontier of non-linear recording, Talk was a difficult record to make technically, as a lot of the technology was very new. Talk was the first album that was ever recorded using the DAW software Digital Performer by Mark of the Unicorn.

Roger Hodgson, formerly of fellow progressive rock band Supertramp, wrote "Walls" with Rabin, having been asked to replace Anderson when the latter formed Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe. He declined, and Anderson modified the lyrics to "Walls" upon returning to Yes. According to Rabin, "Walls" was the last track to be finished for the album.[2] A demo of this song was recorded in 1990 and included on the Trevor Rabin demo album 90124 in 2003.

Rabin and Hodgson wrote a lot of material together and became close friends.


The band toured the album extensively (in North America, South America and Japan, but not in Europe), utilizing quadraphonic sound and providing headphone availability for several rows of seats.

Alan White has said that the Talk tour was one of the best tours, as far as the band's togetherness musically.

The album along with the bonus track in 2002 (see below) was reissued as part of the Essentially Yes box set in 2006.

Cover art[edit]

Pop artist Peter Max created the artwork for the album.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars link
Rolling Stone 2/5 stars link[dead link]

The album's reception was lukewarm, and failed to reach the heights of 90125 and previous releases: The first not to crack the Billboard Top 20 since the 1970s. Both Anderson and Rabin blame the bankruptcy of the Victory Music label for the album's lack of promotion and subsequent dismal sales. [1]

However, the album's reputation has improved with time, and it is now viewed in some quarters as the best album by the Rabin lineup. "Endless Dream", a multi-movement suite in the manner of '70s Yes, but written mostly by Rabin, is particularly well regarded.[by whom?]

Chart position[edit]

Talk (Victory 828 489-2) reached #20 in the UK and #33 in the US during a chart stay of 8 weeks. "Walls" released as a single reached #24 on Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Track listing[edit]

Original 1994 Edition[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Calling"   Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Chris Squire 6:56
2. "I Am Waiting"   Anderson, Rabin 7:25
3. "Real Love"   Anderson, Rabin, Squire 8:49
4. "State of Play"   Anderson, Rabin 5:00
5. "Walls"   Anderson, Rabin, Roger Hodgson 4:57
6. "Where Will You Be"   Anderson, Rabin 6:09
7. "Endless Dream: a.) Silent Spring (Instrumental)"   Anderson, Rabin 1:54
8. "Endless Dream: b.) Talk"   Anderson, Rabin, Squire 11:56
9. "Endless Dream: c.) Endless Dream"   Anderson, Rabin, Squire 1:53

2002 Re-release Edition[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Calling"   Anderson, Rabin, Squire 6:56
2. "I Am Waiting"   Anderson, Rabin 7:25
3. "Real Love"   Anderson, Rabin, Squire 8:49
4. "State of Play"   Anderson, Rabin 5:00
5. "Walls"   Anderson, Rabin, Hodgson 4:57
6. "Where Will You Be"   Anderson, Rabin 6:09
7. "Endless Dream
  • a. Silent Spring
  • b. Talk
  • c. Endless Dream"  
Anderson, Rabin, Squire 15:44
8. "The Calling (Special Version)"   Anderson, Rabin, Squire 8:08



  • Produced by Trevor Rabin
  • Engineered & Mixed by Trevor Rabin & Michael Jay
  • Mastered By Stephen Marcussen

Yes Active[edit]

In late 1994, a CD-ROM called Yes Active was released.

Tracklist Tracks[edit]

  1. Multimedia Content
  2. "State of Play"
  3. "Where Will You Be"

Multimedia Content[edit]


  1. "The Calling"
  2. "I am Waiting"
  3. "Real Love"
  4. "State of Play"
  5. "Walls"
  6. "Where Will You Be"
  7. "Endless Dream"


  1. "Walls" (instrumental)
  2. "Where Will You Be" (instrumental)
  3. "State Of Play" (demo)
  4. "Endless Dream" (demo)
  5. "Silent Spring" (from "Endless Dream")
  6. "Talk" (from "Endless Dream")


  1. "I Am Waiting"
  2. "Walls"


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