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Coordinates: 54°55′19″N 2°42′36″W / 54.922°N 2.710°W / 54.922; -2.710 Talkin Tarn is a glacial lake and country park near Brampton, Cumbria, England.[1]

The Pleasure Boats at Talkin Tarn

The lake is a kettle hole lake, formed 10,000 years ago by mass glacial action.[2]

Rowing is an activity at Talkin Tarn. The rowing club, TTARC[3] (Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club) celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2009.

Talkin Tarn is the home of a legendary pike, which supposedly lives in its waters, although few have witnessed it.

Research on Climate change carried out at Talkin Tarn was published in 2004.[4]

Old buckles, stone axes and urns have been found in the area.


The name is of Brittonic origin. The Brittonic dialect known as Cumbric was formerly spoken in the area. According to A. M. Armstrong,et al., the first element, tal, means "brow" or "end" in Brittonic and modern Welsh, Cornish, and Breton. The second element is unclear. It may come from the Brittonic word which appears in Welsh and Old Cornish as can ("white") and Breton as kann ("bland, brilliant"). Talkin may be a hill-name meaning "white brow".[5] 'Tarn' is derived from Old Norse 'tjǫrn' and then Middle English 'terne' meaning 'small mountain pool' or 'small lake'.[6]

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