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Talking Tom and Friends
Talking Tom and Friends logo.svg
Creator Outfit7
Original work Video game series
Films and television
Animated series Talking Friends
Video games
  • Talking Tom & Friends
  • Talking Tom (in three sizes)
  • Talking Ginger
  • Talking Ben (in three sizes)
  • "Superstar Toys (available in Talking Tom, Talking Ginger and Talking Angela)

Talking Tom and Friends is the flagship franchise of interactive entertainment company Outfit7 Limited. As of July 2014 there are six characters (Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Ben, Talking Hank, and Talking Gina) and 14 apps within the Talking Tom and Friends umbrella brand.

The Talking Tom and Friends brand has expanded beyond second screen entertainment in the years since its launch in 2010.[1] There is now branded merchandise, YouTube music videos,[2] an animated web series[3] and a soon-to-be-released 3D animated series. Talking Tom and Friends have also appeared on ABC’s Modern Family and have made appearances at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

The characters[edit]

Talking Tom[edit]

Talking Tom is the lead character in the Talking Tom and Friends franchise. Tom is a wisecracking, adventure-seeking anthropomorphic feline, described as the “world’s most popular cat.”[4]

Talking Tom is a fully animated interactive 3D character that users can tickle, poke and play with in the apps. Users can also get Tom to repeat what they say.[5] The original Talking Tom Cat app was launched in July 2010 for iOS, closely followed by Talking Tom 2 in 2011. Talking Tom 2 achieved over 1.8 million in the first two days of its launch and was ranked in first place on the app charts in 70 countries worldwide.

The My Talking Tom app was launched in November 2013.[6] This interactive app sees users raise their very own Tom from a kitten to a fully-grown tomcat,[7] caring for him and customizing his fur, clothes and home. My Talking Tom had over 11 million downloads and was the top games app in 135 countries worldwide within 10 days of its launch.[8]

Talking Tom also appears in other apps in the Talking Tom and Friends series: Tom Loves Angela, Talking Tom & Ben News, Tom’s Love Letters, Tom’s Messenger, Talking Friends Superstar, and Talking Friends Cartoons. He is also a guest in Angela’s Valentine, I Want To Be Big, Talking Santa and Talking Pierre the Parrot.

Talking Angela[edit]

Talking Angela is the feline girlfriend of Talking Tom in the series.[9] She is a stylish kitty with a love of travel and singing; Angela’s chart-topping YouTube music videos have racked up millions of views.[10]

The Talking Angela chatbot app was released in December 2012 for iOS and in January 2013 for Android. There also is a "My Talking Angela" app. Just like "My Talking Tom" you raise your very own Angela cat from a kitten to a full grown cat. Unlike "My Talking Tom", My Talking Angela is more realistic. Talking Angela has also appeared in other apps in Outfit7’s flagship entertainment franchise: Tom’s Love Letters, Angela’s Valentine, Tom Loves Angela, Talking Friends Superstar, and Talking Friends Cartoon. Angela also appears as a guest in I Want To Be Big and Tom’s Messenger.

Talking Ginger[edit]

Talking Ginger is a mischievous, fun-loving anthropomorphic kitten and the nephew of Talking Tom.[11] Talking Ginger made his debut in December 2011 in the Talking Santa Meets Ginger app. His own app, Talking Ginger, was released in August 2012. Fun and educational, the app has been described as making the process of going to bed and brushing teeth “a fun adventure for the whole family.” [12]

Talking Ginger has also appeared in other Talking Tom and Friends apps: Ginger’s Birthday, Talking Friends Cartoons, Talking Friends Superstar, and I Want To Be Big. Talking Ginger also makes appearances in the Talking Santa, Talking Santa meets Ginger and Tom Loves Angela apps.

Talking Ben[edit]

The Talking Ben the Dog app was launched in April 2011 on iOS. This 3D canine character with a love of science[13] has also appeared in the Talking Tom & Ben News and Talking Friends Cartoons apps. He has also made guest appearances in Talking Santa, Talking Tom Cat 2,and Tom’s Messenger.

Talking Pierre[edit]

Talking Pierre is an anthropomorphic parrot with a love of all things musical.[14] Pierre made his debut in the Talking Pierre the Parrot app in December 2011 on iOS. He has also made appearances in the Talking Friends Cartoons and Talking Santa apps.

Talking Hank[edit]

Talking Hank is the latest addition to the Talking Tom and Friends family with a love of TV with a fiery passion. He is Tom's roommate and fan and Ginger's role model. Hank's name translation in France is Honk and he saw every sitcom made from years 1986 to 1994. He appeared in Talking Tom's new reality TV show Christmas audition video.

User-made content[edit]

Fans of Talking Tom and Friends use the integrated social media functions in the apps to create and share their videos on social media sites. User-made videos range from Talking Tom singing Lady Gaga and dancing Gangnam style, to Benjamin Netanyahu's recorded message.


Animated Series[edit]

Disney Interactive and Outfit7 Limited launched a 10-webisode animated series called Talking Friends[15] in 2012, based on the antics of Talking Tom and Friends. As of July 2014, the series has received over 300 million views YouTube.


Talking Tom and Talking Angela’s music video for their single “You Get Me”,[16] created in cooperation with Walt Disney Records/Hollywood Records, has received over 165 million views on YouTube and over 10.7 views on Vevo as of July 2014. Talking Angela has also recorded her first solo song called ‘That’s Falling in Love’.[17]

Awards and accolades[edit]

Talking Tom and Friends has been lauded as “one of the biggest character-based brands to emerge from the apps world”.[18]

The My Talking Tom app won the award for “Best iPad Game: Kids, Education & Family” at the 2014 Tabby Awards, the global competition for the best tablet app.

My Talking Tom was also voted the 2014 Tabby Award Users’ Choice favorite in two categories, “Best iPad Game: Kids, Education & Family” and “Best Android Game: Puzzle, Cards & Family”.[19]

The Talking Tom and Talking Ben Talk Back plush toys won the Best Girls Licensed Toy award at the Australian Toy Association Awards in 2012.[20]

Licensing and merchandising[edit]

Talking Tom and Friends launched a range of interactive toys called Superstar in 2012. The plush toys talk and interact with multiple Talking Tom and Friends apps, as well as with each other, using an advanced voice recognition system.

An in-house team manages Outfit7’s licensing portfolio, which includes official licensees across the world offering merchandise such as toys, stationery, apparel and more.

Talking Tom and Friends apps[edit]

Date Title Platform(s)
And iOS Kin WP8
2010 Talking Tom Yes Yes Yes Yes
2010 Talking Ginger Yes Yes No No
2011 Talking Tom 2 Yes Yes Yes No
2011 Talking Ben Yes Yes Yes No
2011 Talking Pierre Yes Yes Yes No
2011 Talking Tom and Ben News Yes Yes Yes No
2011 Tom's Love Letters Yes Yes Yes No
2011 Tom Loves Angela Yes Yes Yes No
2012 Talking Angela Yes Yes No No
2012 Angela's Valentine Yes Yes No No
2012 Ginger's Birthday Yes Yes Yes No
2013 My Talking Tom Yes Yes Yes Yes
2013 Talking Larry Yes Yes Yes No
2014 My Talking Angela Yes Yes Yes Yes
2014 Talking Santa Yes Yes Yes Yes

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