Talybont Halls

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Coordinates: 51°29′42″N 3°11′31″W / 51.495°N 3.192°W / 51.495; -3.192

Talybont Halls
Alternative names Talybont
General information
Type Student residence
Architectural style Modern architecture
Town or city Cardiff
Country Wales Wales
Coordinates 51°29′42″N 3°11′31″W / 51.495°N 3.192°W / 51.495; -3.192
Completed 2005
Owner Cardiff University
Design and construction
Architect Huw Jones
Talybont Halls

Talybont Halls (commonly referred to as "Talybont") are a complex of halls of residence of Cardiff University and are located in Maindy, Cardiff, Wales. They are owned by Cardiff University and operated by the Residences and Catering Division.

Talybont is inhabited predominantly by first year undergraduate students. The halls of residence are separated into three different areas: Talybont North, Talybont South and Talybont Court. All of the accommodation is en suite.


Talybont South, the most desirable of the three, is considered the most sociable of all the halls of residence and receives the most applications of all the residences. Talybont North is the least expensive of the three and due to its negative reputation it has been affectionately nicknamed "Talybronx" after the Bronx in New York City. Appropriately, the east side is known to contain the oldest and most run-down blocks. Since 2005 there has been an ongoing program to refurbish the more run down-blocks, so far at least 5 blocks (A,C,D, F and S) have been refurbished. However, a few of the buildings, such as House W, were built slightly later and are of a better standard. There have been many complaints of silverfish infestations with the complaints procedure is still ongoing. Whilst these insects do not provide any hygienic problems for human habitation, they are understandably a source of discomfort for many.

Despite occasional problems the Talybont complex and accommodation at Cardiff University as a whole continues to be held in high regard by students and is in the top five across the country in the Whatuni students choice awards.[1]


All rooms in the Talybont residences offer access to the internet via the university's RESLAN network. In 2006 Talybont North, the only halls not to offer internet access, was finally connected to the RESLAN network. The Talybont Halls of Residence contain many amenities for residents including a sports centre, with a gym and a separate bar as a well as a shop. The gymnasium at the halls is used for university examinations. There is a laundrette located in each of the three residences. The larger Tesco Extra supermarket is also located a 10-15 minute walk north of the complex.

The main University campus is located about 15–20 minutes walk away from Talybont and Bute Park and the Taff Trail are less than a 5-minute walk away from the halls. Talybont is a 15-minute walk from Heath Park and therefore is popular with healthcare students. The Taff Trail, which runs along the River Taff through Bute Park can be used as a route to the main campus. The trail however is often avoided after dark because of the possible risk of crime due to the Trail's isolated location and lack of passing pedestrians/vehicles.

The residences are maintained throughout the year by a team of groundsmen, handymen and domestic assistants. 'Student Wardens', students employed by the Residences Division who live on site, are on-call during out of office hours until midnight to help students with any problems they may encounter during their stay at the halls.


Llys Talybont refers to the manor house that once stood at this location on the river River Taff which separates the halls from Bute Park. The oldest building of the Llys Talybont Halls dates to the original estate, when it was a thatched-roof farmhouse.


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