Tam Kỳ

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Tam Kỳ
Đường phố ở Tam Kỳ, Quảng Nam.JPG
Tam Kỳ is located in Vietnam
Tam Kỳ
Location of in Vietnam
Coordinates: 15°34′N 108°29′E / 15.567°N 108.483°E / 15.567; 108.483
Country Vietnam
Province Quảng Nam Province
Time zone GMT +7

Tam Kỳ (About this sound listen) (IATA: TMK) is the capital city of Quảng Nam Province, in the South Central Coast of Vietnam.


Tam Kỳ city has a history of more than 105 years. The town was established in 1906 under the Nguyễn Dynasty as an administrative and tax post.[1] During the Vietnam War, the city was the main base of US military in Quảng Nam province (what was then Quang Tin province). The communists captured the city on 24 March 1975.

In 1997, the local government made it the capital of Quảng Nam province. Since then, there has been substantial development within the city.

Tam Kỳ city is famous for Tam Kỳ chicken rice, which is recognised nationally and many beaches.


The city is served by the Tam Kỳ Railway Station, which is connected to all routes from the North to South of Vietnam. It is 70 km from Da Nang international airport to the city, which takes about 1 hour of driving. It is 30 km from Chu Lai national airport. There is a free daily shuttle bus between the airport and the Quảng Ngãi city center. There are also other means of transportation including car and bus.

Coordinates: 15°34′N 108°29′E / 15.567°N 108.483°E / 15.567; 108.483


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