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Tamar may refer to:

Personal name[edit]

  • Tamar (name), a female name of Hebrew origin meaning "Date Palm", now popular among various peoples
  • The original form of Tamara and Tammy
  • Tamar (goddess), a deity in Georgian mythology
  • Tamar (Genesis), married in turn to Er and then, when widowed, to his younger brother Onan; had children by their father Judah
  • Tamar (2 Samuel), daughter of Biblical king David
  • Tamar, a daughter of David's son Absalom
  • Queen Tamar of Georgia, ruled 1184–1213
  • Tamar, also known as Gürcü Hatun, daughter of Queen Rusudan of Georgia and wife of Kaykhusraw of the Seljuq dynasty
  • Támar, a female singer



Science and technology[edit]