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Tamara A. Millay is a member of the Libertarian Party of Missouri and Chairwoman of the St. Louis County Libertarian Central Committee. In past years she has been the party nominee for the U.S. Senate and for the U.S. Congress for the 1st, 2nd and 9th Congressional Districts, and was the elected City Marshal of Greendale, Missouri. She was a candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for Vice President in 2004, but lost to Richard Campagna in balloting at the Party's National Convention.

In her 1996 campaign for Missouri's 1st congressional district, she received 4,137 votes for 2.02% of the vote.[1]

In 1998 running for the US Senate Millay received 31,876 votes for 2.02% of the vote.[2]

In her 2000 campaign for Missouri's 1st congressional district, she received 2,253 votes for 1.13% of the vote.[3]

In 2002 running for the US Senate Millay received 18,345 votes for 0.97% of the vote.[4]

In 2004 running for Missouri's 9th congressional district seat, she received 3,228 votes for 1.07% of the total vote.[5]

In her 2006 campaign for Missouri's 2nd congressional district, she received 5,923 votes for 2.05% of the total vote.[6]

In her most recent campaign for Congress, in 2008, she finished third out of three candidates in the Ninth Congressional District with 8,100 votes, 2.5% of the total;[1] percentage-wise, this has been her most successful campaign to date.

Born in Springfield, Illinois on March 19, 1967, she received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Webster University in Webster Groves, Missouri in 1990. She worked at KPLR-TV as Executive Assistant to the station's then-owner Edward J. "Ted" Koplar in 1997 during the sale of the station to Acme Communications. She has two children, and is currently employed by the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis.[2] She has been a member of the VFW Women's Auxiliary since 1983 and is a long-time activist for the legalization of medical cannabis and industrial hemp.


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