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Site of medieval town
Tamdoult is located in Morocco
Location within Morocco
Coordinates: 29°17′46″N 8°19′29″W / 29.296101°N 8.32481°W / 29.296101; -8.32481Coordinates: 29°17′46″N 8°19′29″W / 29.296101°N 8.32481°W / 29.296101; -8.32481
Country  Morocco
Region Guelmim-Esmara
Province Tata
Foundation date 9th-century
Founded by Idrissids

Tamdoult (also Tamedoult, Tamdlt; Arabic: تامدولت‎ ) was a medieval city located near the Draa river in Morocco south-east of Akka, Morocco. It was an important and flourishing stop in the Trans-Saharan trade route, linking Nul (Asrir) and Ouadane to Sijilmasa, Massa and N'fis. The city was founded in the 9th-century by one of Idriss II sons who had been given a principality in the Sous to reign over the Lamta tribe.[1][2]

The city and its fortress were allegedly destroyed in the 14th-century by a Marinid King. Today, the shrine of Sidi Mohamed ben Abdallah Ichanaoui is the only surviving structure in the ruins site.

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