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Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church is a Christian denomination in south India, which was established in 1919[1] and has approximately 200,000 members.[2] Its headquarters is in Trichy, Tamil Nadu.[1] It is one of the prominent mainline Lutheran churches in Tamil Nadu. Arunothayam is a monthly magazine released by this church.

Bishop Johnson Gnanabaranam

The Bishops have the title Bishop of Tranquebar.[3] It belongs to the Lutheran World Federation.[2] The Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Mission and Church of Sweden Mission were active in the area of Trichy in the 19th century and are still active there today.This Lutheran church comes under United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India, [4]

Bishops of Tranquebar[edit]

The Rt. Rev. Dr

1. 1921-1926 Ernst Heuman from Sweden

2. 1927-1934 David Bexell from Sweden

3. 1934-1956 Johannes Sandegren from Sweden

4. 1956-1967 Rajah Bushanam Manikam

5. 1967-1972 Carl Gustav Diehl from Sweden

6. 1972-1975 A.J. Satyanadhan

7. 1975-1978 L. Easter Raj

8. 1978-1993 Jayseelan Jacob

9. 1993-1999 Johnson Gnanabaranam

10. 1999-2009 T. Aruldoss

11. 2009- H.A. Martin

Famous churches of TELC[edit]

1. TELC Adiaikalanathar Church[5]

2. TELC Christ Church, Thiruvotriyur, Chennai-600019

2. TELC Arulnathar Church, kilpauk, chennai

3. TELC Anbunathar Church, Annanagar, chennai

4. TELC Cathedral, Tiruchirappalli

5. TELC Holy Redeemer's Church, Madurai

6. TELC Emmanuel Church, Mayiladuthurai-Built in 1864.

7. TELC New Jerusalem Church, Tranqubar, Tharangambad

8. TELC Salvation Church, Madurai

9. TELC Zion Church, Trichy-8. 10. TELC christ church,anaimalai. 11. TELC World Saviour Church-Uluthukkupai, Mailaduthurai built in 1901 12. TELC Pavanasar Lutheran Church - Bangalore. 13.ziegenbalg jubilee church-sirkali(anbu)

TELC related Seminaries[edit]

  • Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, Chennai.[6]
  • Tamilnadu Theological Seminary (TTS), Madurai.[7]
  • United Theological College (UTC), Bangalore.


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