Tamil Padam Nair

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Tamil Padam Nair
Total population
Probably extinct
Regions with significant populations
Related ethnic groups
Padamangalam Nairs

Tamil Padam Nair is one of the subcastes belonging to the Nair community in Kerala. This class of Nairs, as the name indicates, were migrants from Tamil Nadu who were embraced into the Nair community. Most of them belonged to the Maravar community which composed the Maravar Pada or secondary army of Travancore.[1] The Tamilpadam Nairs numbered 273 during the 1901 census and constituted for almost 0.05% of the total Nair population in Travancore. Of them 258 reported their caste was "Nair", while 15 said that their caste was "Maaraar".[2][3]

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