Tamils in France

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Tamils in France
Ganesh Paris 2004 DSC08471.JPG
Religious Procession of Tamils in Paris
Total population
Tamil, French, English
Hinduism, Catholicism, Islam

Tamils in France refer to the citizens as well as expatriate residents of Tamil origin living in France. Over 100,000 Tamils[2] from both India and Sri Lanka live in France. This is in addition to the Tamil community established in French overseas dominions of Réunion, Martinique, French Guiana etc.


The earliest Tamil immigration into France can be traced back to since the 17th Century, from the French-administered colony of Puducherry in India. A large number of them hailing from middle class families who joined the French Government on service.

The later arrivals were mostly Tamils from Sri Lanka, who fled the country during the violence in 1983 and the Civil War that succeeded it.


A majority of the Tamil French population are Hindus, and a significant number of them have faith in Christianity and Islam as well.[2]

Little Jaffna[edit]

In only 10 years, "Little Jaffna", located at the last stretch of the winding street of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis in the 10th arrondissement, between metros Gare de Nord and La Chapelle, has sprung to life and begun to truly flourish. It is commonly mistakenly called by the average Parisian as Little Bombay. Little Jaffna is also famous for the annual chariot procession held during Ganesha Chathurthi. Both the area and event have become popular tourist attractions.