Tammy Lynn Leppert

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Tammy Lynn Leppert
Born (1965-02-05)February 5, 1965
Rockledge, Florida
Disappeared July 6, 1983 (aged 18)
Status Missing for 31 years, 5 months and 4 days
Occupation Former child/teen actress and model

Tammy Lynn Leppert (born February 5, 1965 in Rockledge, Florida) is a former American child and teen model, actress and beauty queen who has been missing since July 6, 1983, vanishing at the age of 18.

Disappearance and work[edit]

Just prior to her vanishing she appeared in Scarface as the girl who was a distraction at the lookout car, during the bloody chainsaw shower scene. Prior to that, among other minor roles, she had been in the teen movie Spring Break where she had a role as a participant in a boxing match and her hips used in the movie poster. It is claimed she had plans to go to Hollywood around 1983.[1]

It has been theorized that Leppert could be a victim of the "beauty queen killer" Christopher Wilder, who searched for victims in the Florida area around the time of her disappearance. Leppert's family filed a $1 million lawsuit against Wilder before his death, but dropped the suit afterwards. Police were never able to link Wilder and Leppert and as far as is known he did not begin his major killing spree until some time after she had vanished.[2]



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