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Tammy Rae Carland is a zine editor, artist, filmmaker and owner of the independent lesbian music label Mr. Lady Records.[1]

In the late 1980s she co-founded an independent art gallery in Olympia, Washington with Heidi Arbogast. The two teamed up with Kathleen Hanna, who often did spoken word performances at the gallery, to form the band Amy Carter. After the band broke up Carland remained friends with Hanna, who contributed to her next project, the fanzine I (heart) Amy Carter, which was widely written about in the 1990s. Other contributors included Donna Dresch.

After the zine's demise, Carland turned her focus to photography and filmmaking. Excerpts from her film Lady Outlaws and Faggot Wannabes are included in the documentary film She's Real, Worse Than Queer by Lucy Thane, and Carland is also interviewed in this film. She has also been a contributor to Joanie4Jackie, a film compilation zine created by Miranda July, which featured Dear Mom and Becky 1977 in the first and second issues respectively.

Carland's photographs appear in the book The Passionate Camera; Queer Bodies of Desire edited by Deborah Bright and Lesbian Art in America edited by Harmony Hammond. Her videos Odd Girl Out and Lady Outlaws and Faggot Wannabes have screened internationally. Mr. Lady Records have released recordings by The Butchies, Kaia Wilson (Carland's ex-partner), and Le Tigre.

Carland is Chair of the Photography Department at California College of the Arts where she is also a Professor of Fine Arts. Carland is also the namesake of the Bikini Kill song "For Tammy Rae" off the album Pussy Whipped.


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