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Type Private
Industry Petroleum
Founded 1983 (1983)
Founders Roger Tamraz
Headquarters Rotterdam, Netherlands
Area served Global
Services Oil
Revenue Increase Euro 2 billion (2012)
Owners Oilinvest B.V. Group
Employees 2,410 (2011)
Website Tamoil Group official website
Tamoil's oil refinery in Collombey, Switzerland
Oilinvest trades under the Tamoil brand in several European and African countries, such as at this filling station in Pijnacker in the Netherlands.

Tamoil is the trading name of the Oilinvest B.V. Group, a European based downstream oil group from Netherlands.

The Tamoil Group, which was purchased by Libyan state entities in the late 1980s, is involved in supplying, trading, refining and selling petroleum products.

Recently, Roger Tamraz’s Netoil group of companies has been in discussions with Libya to buy back Tamoil.[1][2][3]


The Tamoil Group first established refining and retail operations in Italy.

The Netoil group of companies, led by Roger Tamraz, founded Tamoil by purchasing and combining all of the Italian assets of Amoco (Standard Oil Company of Indiana) and of Texaco Corporation (1,000 service stations each), starting in the 1980s. Following the purchase of the Tamoil Group by Libyan state entities in the late 1980s, the Group expanded the company to approximately 3,000 service stations, three refineries, an extensive pipeline distribution system and a refining capacity of 250,000 barrels of oil per day.

During the 1990s, the Tamoil Group expanded rapidly by entering markets in Switzerland (1990), Germany (1991), Spain (1992) and the Netherlands (1993).

In addition to its European business, the Tamoil Group also had operations in Africa. The group’s first presence in Africa was in Egypt in 1993. From 2000 onwards, the Tamoil Group pursued its expansion throughout Africa by setting up operations in various African countries including Gabon, Senegal, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Morocco and Tunisia. As a result of this period of strong growth the Tamoil Group was present in a total of 19 African countries.

In 2006 the Tamoil Group’s African business was transferred to a new Libyan shareholder, the Libyan African Investment Portfolio (LAIP). Following this, the African section of the Tamoil Group was rebranded as ‘Oilibya’.


In 2009 the Tamoil Group’s annual turnover was approximately €7.5 billion. This revenue was generated from the group’s retail and wholesale, supply and trading, refining, aviation, lubricants, shipping and bunkering operations.

Retail and wholesale[edit]

As of December 2010, the Tamoil Group has approximately 2,700 service stations throughout Europe. Of these, 1,800 are located in Italy, 400 in Germany, 320 in Switzerland, 160 in the Netherlands and 30 in Spain. As well as the ‘Tamoil’ brand, the Tamoil Group also operates under the ‘HEM’ brand in Germany. In the Netherlands, Tamoil opened in 2010 the first commercial fast-charge station for electric vehicles in Europe. The chargers, produced by Epyon, charge electric 9-person taxi vans in 30 minutes.[4]

The Tamoil Group’s wholesale businesses sell petrol, heating oil, gasoil and other refined products in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Supply and trading[edit]

The Tamoil Group trades crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals in the international market (predominantly in the Mediterranean region, North West Europe and Africa and increasingly in Asia and the USA).

Since 1988, crude oil trading volumes have increased from approximately 100,000 b/d to more than 300,000 b/d in 2010 while its refined products, petrochemical and lubricants trading businesses have also expanded.


The Tamoil Group owns several refineries in Europe. The refined products produced by these refineries are sold primarily through the Tamoil Group’s retail networks and wholesale channels. 50% of the refined products produced by the refineries comprise of middle-distillates and 30% of light distillates.


The Tamoil Group has been expanding its aviation fuel supply operations in the Italian market and also currently has operations in the Swiss market. In 2009, the Tamoil Group achieved sales of 230,000 metric tons of aviation fuel.


The Tamoil Group is involved in the blending, marketing and trading of lubricants. The group is primarily present in three distinct lines of lubricants: automotive, industrial and greases.


The Tamoil Group also has shipping and bunkering operations.

The Tamoil Group initially undertook shipping activities to facilitate the supply of crude to its refineries. The Group has subsequently taken advantage of this expertise and has continued to expand its shipping and bunkering activities to markets outside the Group.


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