Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

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Tampa Bay Automobile Museum
Tampa Bay Automobile Museum
Tampa Bay Automobile Museum is located in Florida
Tampa Bay Automobile Museum
Location within Florida
Established March 19, 2005.
Location Pinellas Park, Florida
Coordinates 27°51′8.50″N 82°40′44″W / 27.8523611°N 82.67889°W / 27.8523611; -82.67889
Type Automobile museum
Collection size 44 cars
Director Alain Cerf
Website tbauto.org

The Tampa Bay Automobile Museum, located in Pinellas Park, Florida in the Tampa Bay Area, displays historic automobiles from the 20th century. All of the vehicles displayed are from the collection of Alain Cerf, a French entrepreneur.

The collection is focused on cars which demonstrate special creativity and imagination in their history and engineering. This includes rare early front-wheel drive cars, Tatra rear engine cars, rear-engine Mercedes-Benz, Citroën cars, the only surviving car by French engineer Émile Claveau, and a unique working full-scale replica of the first self-propelled mechanical vehicle, the fardier of Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot.[1]

Cugnot's fardier 
1929 Ruxton 
1956 Claveau 
1967 Tatra 603