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Flag of Tampa, Florida.svg   Tampa Fire Department

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Agency Overview
Established May 10, 1895
Annual calls 71,000 (2013)[1]
Employees Uniformed:
630 Firefighters [2] including
117 Paramedics [3]
54 Support personnel [2]
Staffing Career (non-volunteer)
Fire chief Thomas Forward [4]
Facilities & Equipment
Stations 22 [5]
Engines 21[6]
Trucks 5 [6]
Rescues 1 Heavy Rescue vehicle,1 Haz-Mat Truck,1 Vent Truck,5 Brush Trucks,2 Foam Trailers,3 Fast Attack foam pick up trucks,1 Decon Truck,1 MCI Truck,1 Division Chief & 3 District Chiefs [6]
8 ARFF vehicles [7]
Fireboats 4 marine fire/rescue vessels
(additional shallow draft watercraft)[8]
Ambulances 14 transport
1 non-transport,1 TMRT unit,1 Bariatric unit & 1 CCT Unit[5]

The Tampa Fire Department (TFD) is the agency that provides fire protection, prevention, suppression, and emergency medical services & ALS Transport within the city of Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.. Headed by the city's Fire Chief, the fire department is also responsible for the handling of and response to hazardous materials, aircraft rescue, and marine firefighting as well as tactical response by TMRT. A division of the department headed by the Fire Marshal is responsible for fire investigations, as well as review and enforcement of fire and building safety codes also TFD is apart of a joint mutual aid team in case of any disaster in this section of Florida called Task Force 3 or USAR.[9] TFD is a public agency that is administered by the city of Tampa as an official department of its municipal government.[10]


Tampa Fire Rescue Headquarters:
TFD Fire Station No. 1

Tampa's first organized volunteer fire department was founded in 1884 with a force of only seven to serve the city. On May 10, 1895, the Tampa City Council passed a resolution authorizing the city's first professional, paid fire department. With A. J. Harris presiding as Fire Chief, there were 22 firefighters in five stations at an annual budget of $18,000. On the same day, hand operated pumpers, fire hydrants, and steam engines were introduced for pumping water to firefighter's hoses.

The annexations of Drew Park, Sulphur Springs,Port Tampa City,West Tampa, Palma Ceia, and Ballast Point in 1954 doubled the size of the department, thus 6 stations were acquired and most volunteer fire fighters were hired.[11] Paramedic-manned station wagons were introduced in July 1973.[11]

Tampa Fire-Rescue operates on 24 hour staffing, in which firefighters are on duty for 24 hours (7:30am to 7:30am) and are off duty for 48 hours. As such, there are three on duty shifts, dubbed either A, B, or C. Of the active 22 fire stations, a majority house both a rescue unit (ALS ambulance) and an engine company (all are ALS equipped). Five of the stations house a truck company (aerial ladder truck or tiller truck) in addition to the engine. In addition to these standard vehicles, several stations contain auxiliary units such as a heavy rescue unit, boats, brush trucks, vent trucks, and hazardous incident units. The city requires that all firefighters hold at the minimum an EMT and a Florida Firefighter Compliance certificate. In addition, within three years of hiring, all firefighters are required to achieve paramedic certification. This is largely due in part to the significant number of EMS related alarms the department responds to.[12] Station No. 2 provides fire protection to Tampa International Airport exclusively with a staffing of highly trained firefighters and paramedics. This station houses a fleet of Oshkosh Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) trucks, which are able to douse aircraft emergencies with water and foam retardant. Station #2's ARFF6 unit is specifically designed to transport paramedics to the terminals and other locations on the airport campus whenever a traveler is injured or in a medical crisis. Because ARFF6 must be on the airport campus constantly, it does not have means to transport patients to nearby hospitals.[13]

Fire Stations[edit]

TFD firefighting operations are based out of the city's 22 local fire stations. These are listed below by station number, followed by each station's address and the neighborhoods in which they primarily serve.[6][14]

  1. 808 East Zack Street. - ServesDowntown Tampa, the Channelside District, Harbour Island, and the southern end of Tampa Heights. Apparatus- Division Chief 1,E1,Tk1,R1,Vent 1(city wide),Foam 1,Heavy Rescue 1 (city wide), On call fire investigator(city wide) & Mobile Communications Unit 1(city wide). AKA (The Big House).
  2. 5405 West Spruce Street. - Serves Tampa International Airport & surrounding roadways on TIA property. Apparatus- ARFF 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 & ARFF 6 the medic unit. AKA (In the AIR or on the GROUND).
  3. 103 South Newport Avenue. - Serves the greater Hyde Park area, West Riverfront, Courier City-Oscawana, the University of Tampa, and surrounding areas. Apparatus- E3,R3(CCT) & Mass Casualty Response Unit. AKA (The Pride of Hyde Park).
  4. 2100 East 11th Avenue. - Serves the greater Ybor City area. Apparatus- E4,R4 & Foam Trailer 4. AKA (The Knights of Ybor City).
  5. 3900 North Central Avenue. - Serves Tampa Heights, Riverside Heights, Ridgewood Park, parts of V.M. Ybor, and the southern areas of greater Seminole Heights& Robles Park. Apparatus- E5,R5. AKA (A Walk in the Park).
  6. 311 South 22nd Street. - Serves Palmetto Beach and the Port of Tampa as well as city wide Haz-Mat incidents. Apparatus- E6, H.I.T-6 (Haz-Mat). AKA (The Beach House).
  7. 6129 North Nebraska Avenue. - Serves the northern areas of greater Seminole Heights & Lowry park Zoo. Apparatus- E7,R7. AKA (The Zoo Crew "First Due to the ZOO").
  8. 2015 North Manhattan Avenue. - Serves Westshore, Carver City-Lincoln Gardens, Rocky Point, and surrounding areas, plus the Howard Frankland Bridge and the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Apparatus- E8,R8 & Foam 8. AKA (The Krewe of WestShore).
  9. 2525 West Chestnut Street. - Serves Macfarlane Park-Northeast Macfarlane, Old West Tampa, and Bowman Heights, and surrounding areas. Apparatus- E9,R9 & TK9. AKA (West Tampa's Bravest "Cigar City").
  10. 3108 North 34th Street. - Serves East Tampa, Highland Pines, Northview Hills, East Ybor & Belmont Heights, and surrounding areas. Apparatus- E10. AKA (The Pride of Belmont Heights).
  11. 710 East Fairbanks Street. - Serves Sulphur Springs, Lowry Park, Forest Hills, North Tampa, and surrounding areas. Apparatus- E11,R11. AKA (The House of PAIN).
  12. 3073 West Hillsborough Avenue. - Serves Drew Park, Wellswood, Riverbend, and surrounding areas. Apparatus- District Chief 4,E12. AKA (The Ole 1...2 - The Heavy Hitters).
  13. 2713 East Annie Street. - Serves Terrace Park, Temple Crest, North Tampa, University Square, as well as Busch Gardens and U.S.F.. Apparatus- District Chief 3,E13,R13 & TK13. AKA (Nightmare on Annie street, "You'll NEVER Sleep Again).
  14. 1325 South Church Avenue. - Serves Palma Ceia, Virginia Park, Golf View, Swann Estates, Beach Park, Sunset Park, Culbreath Heights, and surrounding areas. Apparatus- District Chief 2,E14,R14,TK14,Boat 14,Foam 14 & R33(SWAT Medic unit). AKA (The Poodle Palace).
  15. 4919 South Himes Avenue. - Serves Gandy-Sun Bay South, Ballast Point, Bayside West, Fair Oaks – Manhattan Manor, Bel Mar Shores, and Bayshore Beautiful, and surrounding areas. Apparatus-E15,R15. AKA (SOG CITY "Night Crawlers").
  16. 5126 East 10th Avenue. - Serves Florence Villa, Grant Park, and the Gary and Uceta Yard areas. Apparatus- E16 & Decon Trailer 16. AKA (Welcome to THE CREEK).
  17. 601 East Davis Boulevard. - Serves Davis Islands and marine areas. Apparatus- E17,Brush 17,Fire Boat 1 & Fire Boat 17. AKA (The Islanders "The Marine Division").
  18. 5706 North 30th Street. - Serves East Tampa, Live Oaks Square, Woodland Terrace, Rivergrove, the Northeast Community, and surrounding areas. Apparatus- E18,R18. AKA (The NUTHouse).
  19. 4916 West Ingraham Lane. - Serves Port Tampa City, Gandy-Sun Bay South, Interbay, and marine areas. Apparatus- E19,Brush 19 & Fire Boat 19. AKA (The FIGHTING 19).
  20. 16200 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. - Serves the greater Tampa Palms area, portions of West Meadows, and other southern sections of New Tampa, and Interstate 275 and Interstate 75 mutual aid. Apparatus- E20,R20(bariatric unit),Brush 20 & Boat 20. AKA (Protecting the Palms).
  21. 18902 Green Pine Lane. - Serves the greater Hunters Green area, portions of West Meadows, and other northern sections of New Tampa. Apparatus- E21,R21,TK21 & Brush 21. AKA (Cross Creek Cattle Company).
  22. 10871 CROSS CREEK BLVD - Serves Cory Lake Isles, K-Bar Ranch, K-Bar Ranch & Morris Bridge Road. Apparatus- E22 & Brush 22. AKA (The Double Deuce).


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