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Tamworth Phoenix
Team logo
Established 2004
Based in Tamworth
Home stadium Lichfield Rugby Club
League BAFA National Leagues
Division Premier North
League titles 1 (2010)
Division titles 2 (2009)(2010)
Current uniform
Left arm Body Right arm
Left arm Body Right arm

The Tamworth Phoenix, founded in 2004, are an American football team playing in the United Kingdom. The Phoenix senior team was promoted to the Premiership North of the BAFA National Leagues (BAFANL), after completing an undefeated season in 2010. The Phoenix also field a junior team and a youth team.


The Phoenix were founded in 2004 by Dave Winter, Jay Alexander, Ed Winter and Ryan Baker, after re-establishing youth football in the area, as the Tamworth Trojans, a year earlier. In their first season 2008, the Phoenix came 2nd in the BAFL2 Central conference behind champions the Nottingham Caesars. However, they avenged this by defeating them in the playoffs on route to a BritBowl 2 final defeat to the London Cobras, also a first year club.

Despite defeat in the BritBowl 2 final, Tamworth Phoenix were promoted to BAFL1 division and placed in the South-West Conference. The Phoenix completed the regular season with a record of 9-1, winning the South-West Conference, and moved into the playoffs as the #2 seed. After a victory over the Kent Exiles in the first round of the playoffs, their run was halted at the semi final stage by the East Kilbride Pirates.

In the 2010 season, Tamworth completed a perfect 10-0 season, and a perfect post-season, winning the BritBowl against the East Kilbride Pirates, and moving to the BAFACL Premiership.

In the 2011 season the phoenix continued this success with a 5-5 regular season record with victories over some of the established premiership teams. They were defeated by the London Warriors in the semi-finals of the Play-offs.


Head Coach/Offensive Co-ordinator: Graham Kelly
Defensive Co-ordinator: Justin Smith
Special Teams Co-ordinator: John Ridler
Defensive Backs Coach:
Linebackers Coach: Justin smith and Luke Cotton
'Wide Receivers Coach:Dave Winter and James Braizer'
Offensive Line Coach: George Bayliss and Edward Winter

Team Roster[edit]

Tamworth Phoenix Roster 2010
  • 3 Stuart Ennis
  • 6 John Pimperton

Running Backs

  • 11 Thomas Worrall
  • 22 Daniel Shakespeare
  • 24 Tom Guy
  • 25 Chris Sonnestein
  • 28 Adam Hope
  • 30 Umar Mujahid
  • 31 Chris Peel
  • 47 Alex Loffstadt

Wide Receivers

  • 2 David Winter
  • 7 Tom Bishop
  • 8 Jack Daley
  • 13 Neil Foster PR
  • 14 Sam Morse
  • 15 Andy Studer
  • 19 Ricky Livingstone KR
  • 81 James Hossack
  • 84 Matt Hollis P
  • -- Nick Burt

Tight Ends

  • 80 Mike Achola
  • 85 Craig Greensall

Offensive Linemen

  • 53 Connar Costigan
  • 60 Owain Davies
  • 63 Ryan Baker
  • 69 Nathan Ryan
  • 70 Ben Cotton
  • 73 Jake Anthony
  • 74 Pete Buckley
  • 76 Craig Harris
  • 77 David Codrington
  • 78 Carl Lewis

Defensive Linemen

  • 23 Steve Mills DE
  • 68 Steve Gregory DE
  • 97 Ted Scott DE
  • 98 Phil Jones DT
  • -- Sam Thompson DT
  • 4 Ed Winter OLB/LS
  • 5 Jon Hurley ILB
  • 21 Tom Owen OLB
  • 40 Matt Davis ILB
  • 44 Chris Thacker OLB
  • 49 Jim Mortimer ILB
  • 50 Alex Mortimer ILB
  • 52 Dan Jones ILB
  • 54 Alex Marsden OLB
  • 57 Charlie Gough OLB
  • 88 Luke Cotton OLB

Defensive Backs

  • 10 Greg Freeman CB
  • 12 Duvalle Merchant CB
  • 17 Greg Williams CB
  • 18 Daniel Norgrove FS
  • 20 Phil Dayus CB
  • 62 Thomas Tandurella CB
  • 23 Jonathan Jones CB
  • 27 Marcus Gorvin CB
  • 37 Jim Hamilton FS

Youth Team[edit]

In February 2012 a new team was introduced, the youth team. The youth team games last 30 minutes and it is 5 vs 5. In their first ever season they went 0-12 having to skip 9 due to a lack of players and injuries to key players like Jonah Evans (thumb) and Jake Phelps (ribs). In the season they played games against the Standish Raiders, Birmingham Bulls and the Leicester Falcons. In October 2012 the appointment of Andrew Garrett made everyone on the youth team excited. Andrew Garrett had been promoted to the position of head coach. In February 2013 the season began again however the numbers were dwindling. They were originally training with the junior squad however they soon branched off. The Phoenix started with 12 for the upcoming BAFANL Youth Central Season.

In May 2013 the season began with a tournament at the Coventry Jets, the Nix began the year with 12 players who all performed admirably in a 41-0 victory over the Coventry Jets, touchdowns coming from Jake Phelps, Ross O'Donoghue, Richard Perks and Joe Whitehouse. Nix moved on into their next game with Doncaster, a much bigger team with at least double the amount of Nix's players, however, the game was cruelly took away from Phoenix after two touchdowns were disallowed by a very controversial referee, Doncaster went on to win 0-20. Nix decided not to play their third game vs Birmingham.

The first week of June bought Phoenix to Yorkshire, the tournament started off poorly with serious injuries and a heavy defeat to Doncaster,the only highlight being an interception by James Statham, however Phoenix went on to stun the Yorkshire Rams and defeat them 41-6 with touchdowns from Joe Whitehouse, Jake Phelps and Joe Hickling. The Nix finished their tournament with a 0-25 loss to Leicester.

The following week, Tamworth hosted its home tournament, hopes were high with a 2-4 record and some positive performances, however, three serious injuries to key playing such as QB Cam Dean and WR Jake Phelps, Phoenix were forced to rotate and lost all three games. Coaches Andrew Garrett and Mick Fearn decided to shake things up the following week appointing new QB Ryan Ball and highlight-reel safety Joe Whitehouse as club captains. The club is currently embarked on a brutal six-week training routine for the Birmingham tournament on July 14 and already has three new players on their books. Whichever way you may look at the 2013 season you can only see it as a success for the Nix who have really shown just how bright the future is with the core of their team being 14/15 years old, the Nix are the youngest team around and with that fact, they will only get better over time.

In the Birmingham Tournament they lost to the Yorkshire Rams in a disappointing performance from the Youth Team with new rookie quarterback Ryan Ball leading the team.

Youth Staff[edit]

Head Coach: Andrew Garrett
Defensive Co-ordinator: Ian Statham
Offensive Co-ordinator: Michael Fearn
Linebackers/ Running Backs Coach:
Defensive Back Coach:
Occasional Coaches:

Youth Roster[edit]

Tamworth Phoenix Youth Roster 2013 (as of 16 June 2013; Secondary positions in brackets)
  • Dan Denby
  • Luke Fearn

Running Backs

  • Cameron Lewis Dean [C]
  • Rhett Morris
  • Adam Bale
  • James Statham

Wide Receivers

  • Ross O'Donoghue
  • Joe Coleman (AKA JP)

Offensive Linemen

  • Issac Reading

Defensive Linemen

  • Kieran Mcentee
  • Ewan Lockwood

Defensive Backs

  • Luke Jones
  • Connor Wright

Joe Whitehouse [C]

Tournament Game 1 Game 2 Game 3
Coventry Coventry Jets 0 - 41 Tamworth Phoenix Doncaster Mustangs 20 - 0 Tamworth Phoenix Birmingham Bulls 1 - 0 Tamworth Phoenix (Game Forfeited)
Yorkshire Doncaster Mustangs 40 - 6 Tamworth Phoenix Yorkshire Rams 6 - 41 Tamworth Phoenix Leicester Falcons 25 - 0 Tamworth Phoenix
Tamworth Awaiting Result Awaiting Result Awaiting Result
Birmingham Awaiting Result Awaiting Result Awaiting Result

Team Records[edit]

  • 2011 BAFACL Premier 5-5, defeat in the Semi-Finals of the Play-Offs
  • 2010 BAFL1 South-West Conference 10-0 Regular Season, Play-off Winners
  • 2009 BAFL1 South-West Conference 9-1 Regular Season
  • 2008 BAFL2 Central Conference 6-2-2

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