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Tana may refer to:





  • Tanā Chōb, a village in Samangan, Afghanistan
  • Tana, Iran, a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran
  • Kyzyl-Tana, a village in the Osh Province of Kyrgyzstan
  • Tana Station, a railway station in the Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


  • Tana, Norway, a municipality in Finnmark county, Norway
  • Tana Bru, a village in the municipality of Tana in Finnmark county, Norway
  • Tana Bridge, a bridge on the E75 highway over the Tana River in Finnmark county, Norway
  • Tana Church, a church in the municipality of Tana in Finnmark county, Norway
  • Tana River (Norway), the third longest river in Norway, located in Finnmark county
  • Tana or Tanais, a medieval trading city on the Sea of Azov, near the modern city of Azov, Russia



  • Tana, a variant of the given name Tanya
  • Elijah Tana (born 1975), a former Zambian footballer
  • Nick Tana, the former chairman of the Australian football club Perth Glory
  • Rawat Tana, a wheelchair racer from Thailand who competes at the Olympic level
  • Tana, a character from Nintendo and Intelligent System's Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
  • Tana and Riri, the twin sisters who chose to die rather than sing in Akbar's court, in India
  • Tana Chanabut (born 1984), a Thai footballer who plays for Pattaya United
  • Táňa Fischerová, a Czech actress, writer, television host, politician and civic activist
  • Tana French (born 1973), an Irish novelist and theatrical actress
  • Tana Goertz, a contestant on The Apprentice (US season 3)
  • Tana Hoban, an American-born author and photographer
  • Tana Moon, a fictional character who was a reporter in Metropolis in the Superboy comics
  • Tana Ramsay, a British TV broadcaster and author of bestselling books on cooking
  • Tana Sripandorn, a professional footballer from Thailand playing for Samut Songkhram FC
  • Tana Umaga (born 1973), a New Zealand rugby union footballer and former captain of the national team


  • 1641 Tana, a main-belt asteroid discovered on July 25, 1935 by C. Jackson
  • Tana, a minor Kazakh Jüz "horde", a tribe belonging to the Kishi or Lesser Jüz, numbering ca. 25,000
  • Tāna (Thaana, Taana), the writing system for the Divehi language spoken in the Maldives
  • Tana, the first Albanian long film from 1958
  • Tána, "raids", a genre of ancient Irish tales, usually about a "cattle raid" (Táin Bó)
  • The single form of Tannaim, Rabbinic sages whose views were record in the Mishnah
  • Tana (music), a type of musical pattern in Indian classical music embellishing or exposing a rāga
  • Tāne, the Māori god of forests and of birds
  • Tāne Mahuta, a giant Kauri tree in the Northland Region of New Zealand
  • Tana FC Formation, a football club from Madagascar based in Analamanga
  • TANA, Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists, a nursing organization of nurse anesthetists based in Tennessee, USA
  • Tana Balls, painted metal balls hung from the lines of high electrical towers to warn low flying planes and helicopters of the electrical lines presence.

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