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Tanajib (Arabic: تناجيب) is an oil complex owned by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, about 200 km north of Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The main work facilities are the Tanajib Gas Plant, and small offices nearby.


Just like other Saudi Aramco's complexes such as Safaniyah, Abu Ali and Shaybah, it contains all necessary infrastructure.


A small gated residential area is available for the employees only. Another camp less equipped than the first is located 3 km away for contractor workers.

Health care[edit]

A small clinic is located 500 meters west to the main residential camp.


Port Tanajib[edit]

Port, operated by Saudi Aramco is base for vessels supplying oilfield facilities. Port doesn't serve commercial traffic.[1]

There are 24 berths, total length 1.5 km.[2]


Tanajib Airport was built by the company for its exclusive use to transport employees and goods between Tanajib and other cities.


Tanajib is accessible via the Abu Hadriyah Highway.

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