Tanasee Bald

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Tanasee Bald
Elevation 5,561 ft (1,695 m)
Location Haywood / Transylvania counties, North Carolina, U.S.
Range Great Balsam Mountains
Blue Ridge Mountains
Coordinates 35°17′30″N 82°55′03″W / 35.29177°N 82.91763°W / 35.29177; -82.91763Coordinates: 35°17′30″N 82°55′03″W / 35.29177°N 82.91763°W / 35.29177; -82.91763
Topo map USGS Sam Knob
Easiest route Hike[1]

Tanasee Bald, also called Tennessee Bald, is a mountain near the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina, on the Haywood/Transylvania border.[2] It is 5561 feet high. It is in the Great Balsam Mountains within the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is part of the Appalachian Mountains

Tanasee Bald is the southern limit of breeding of the Northern Saw-whet Owl, which is from the boreal forests of Canada.[3]

Myth of Jutaculla[edit]

Main article: Tsul 'Kalu

Cherokee folklore is that Jutaculla (alternative English spelling is Judaculla; Cherokee name is Tsul'kălû'), a slant-eyed giant, lives on top of the bald.[4]


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