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Tancred or Tankred is a masculine given name of Germanic origin. Tankrad comes from thank- (thought) and -rad (counsel), meaning "well-thought advice". It was used in the High Middle Ages mainly by the Normans (see French Tancrède) and especially associated with the Hauteville family in Italy. It is rare today as a first name, but still common as a Norman surname: Tanqueray. Its Italian form is Tancredi and in Latin it is Tancredus. Its Italian patronymic is also Tancredi. Famous historical persons with the name include:

Fictional characters
  • Tancred of Salerno, character in Boccaccio's Decameron
  • Tancred Torsson, a character in Jenny Nimmo's "Children of the Red King" series
  • Tancred, a character in the computer game Diablo 2
  • Tancred, a character in Summoner, known as the "King of Fleas"
Works of art

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