Tandi Iman Dupree

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Tandi Iman Dupree
Born August 13, 1978
Memphis, Tennessee
Died December 31, 2005
Cause of death
complications from AIDS
Occupation drag queen, pageant girl

Tandi Iman Dupree (August 13, 1978 - December 31, 2005) was an American drag queen, and pageant girl best known for her "Wonder Woman" performance at the 2001 Miss Gay Black America pageant, the video of which went on to become an Internet viral hit with over 1 million YouTube views.[1]


Dupree began her dance career in high school when she was co-captain of her majorette squad until graduation. She began competing at N-Cognito nightclub in Memphis, Tennessee, where she created original routines with other dancers in the area. Despite then becoming well known for her drag performances, Dupree was always a pageant girl; traveling from drag club to drag club all over: Texas, Florida, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, Georgia, to promote herself as an artist and as her dream of becoming Miss Gay Black America; Dupree died from complications from AIDS before she achieved her goal.[2]


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